Monday, October 31, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 2 More Days!

We had said we really hoped not to have Halloween babies, but I am feeling so uncomfortable, it just doesn't matter at this point haha. But I also decided not to do a ton of things today, but rather to just rest and not tempt babies after all. I have had zero contractions the last few days, so I think they're going to make us wait until Wednesday after all. So Netflix and craft projects it is :) 

I did get a call from my OB's office, confirming that we are scheduled for an induction {instead of the C-section}. This is SUCH an answer to prayer! We would have been ok either way; I had asked the Lord to put them both in the exact position they needed to be in for the safest delivery. But I am so thankful that I can avoid surgery, if for recovery-sake alone. It will also be better for my history of endometriosis to avoid surgery scarring. There is still a chance that Maddie could flip after Eli is born, so I will still have to take all the same surgery precautions. But I am thankful for the medical team that will be in place and ready to take care of me and our babies.

This afternoon I got a text from Lindsay, asking if I would be interested in getting a pedicure. I am so glad that I said yes, because it definitely helped my swollen and achy feet feel better! And my toes just look pretty now :) It was also just fun to sit and hang out as sisters. I'm so thankful for her. And I'm excited to raise our kiddos together!

**This post was published after our babies were born**

{iPhone Rewind} :: October

October started off with a sweet delivery from my hubby...he came home with a pumpkin spice latte for me :)

I love getting to watch and encourage this process {sermon prep}. The Lord has given him such a gift in communicating biblical truth and the gospel clearly. I am so thankful for the opportunities he continues to receive to utilize that gift, even during a season of waiting for the next ministry position.

When your best friend knits blankets and hats for your babies...and then tells you that she started the one on the right when we started our journey, that each layer represents a step in the process {home study, transfers, etc} and all the prayers she prayed while knitting...

Because I caught a glimpse of myself in the hallway mirror and couldn't believe that our babies would be here soon!!  #35w2d

My sweet hubby brought me flowers for date night :)

Date #30: New card game and new cookie of the year #wcsavethedate16

Date #31: Blizzards and the Bump {celebrating 36 weeks!} #wcsavethedate16

So this guy took up residence outside our kitchen window. He completely creeps me out, but his web is HUGE, and I can't help but admire his work.

This adorable little pumpkin was hand painted by the even more adorable PK. She was so proud to present it to me!

Adios ankles. Hopefully I will see you again soon...

Woah babies! We made it to full term!

Luke and Elizabeth had a joint Star Wars-themed birthday party. When your dad LOVES Star Wars, you have all the right decor and connections :)

38 Weeks

How far along? 38 weeks {yep...still here waiting on babies!}
Days since transfer: 248 days
Days on bed rest: I got the green light and was able to come OFF bed rest this week!
Total weight gain: +47.0
Maternity clothes? It got even harder this week to find things that would fit. Or maybe I was just more conscious of it because I was up and about and in public after being at home for 5 weeks :)
Sleep: I decided to just sleep when I could. Because I am so big and uncomfortable all the time, it's hard to sleep. So if I am tired and fall asleep, I haven't worried too much about it. Babies are going to be here soon and it's all going to go out the window anyway!
Best moment of the week: Getting the green light to come off bed rest! So just being able to be out, running errands, walking around, doing things {anything!} has been incredibly liberating.
Cravings: McAlister's :) 
Symptoms: Even bigger. Even more uncomfortable. And man, the swollen feet! After not being on my feet much the past 5 weeks, my poor little feet have swelled to crazy proportions. And pretty much my entire body aches at this point. It is just struggling under the extra weight/stress. Almost there...
Labor signs: I had some contractions this week, but {again} nothing notable. Despite all my efforts to try to get babies to come on their own, I am not making much progress. They seem quite comfortable where they are.
Looking forward to: Meeting our babies this week!!


Size of baby? About the size of a spaghetti squash or swiss chard, a ukulele, or a Pomeranian :)
Development: Babies have hair and eye color {though it may change when they are older}. All organs are functioning on their own, and babies are producing more and more surfactant {which helps their air sacs inflate once they are breathing oxygen}.
Heartbeat: At our last ultrasound with the perinatologist, both babies had heart rates in the 140s.
Movement: All baby movements hurt at this point haha. I can feel their little bony elbows and knees, and since they are out of space, all movement is super uncomfortable. 
Current Position: Both babies were still head down, so my OB will let me skip the C-section {unless other complications come up}.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 3 More Days!

I had hoped I would wake up to the start of labor or my water breaking. No such luck. We decided to sleep in and rest this morning, but then we met my brother for lunch at Spring Creek BBQ and walked around Fry's to get some exercise in for this gigantic preggo. 

We also Skyped with my parents to get a game plan for the won't find more excited grandparents haha. 

It was a quiet and relaxing Sunday...probably our last for awhile. We are SO close!!

**This post was published after our babies were born**

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 4 More Days!

Still no babies. Haha they seem quite comfortable where they are, so they're probably going to make us wait until next week. I mean, when you have waited 4 years, what's a few more days, right?? :)

I posted this photo on Instagram, because, well, it's about how I feel these days. The funny part is that not more than an hour later, I was calling for Mike's help. I had kneeled down in the hallway to get into my gift wrapping stuff and literally could not get back up. Of course, my sweet husband came around the corner like a knight in shining armor filming and asking me what the problem was. My hero :)  He did eventually help me up, after we had a good laugh and he caught it all on camera. 

We headed over to Bryan and Christa's for a Star Wars themed birthday party for Luke and Elizabeth. As far as theme parties go, they definitely did it right...I mean, it wasn't much of an effort for the Star Wars-loving family :)

**This post was published after our babies were born**

Friday, October 28, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 5 More Days!

So my excitement over having contractions was short lived. I tend to have them at night, but nothing more than 2 in an hour, and nothing more than 3 hours in a row. So nothing significant or helpful. So today I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea, in hopes that it will help bring on labor. It actually tastes pretty good, so I'm glad that it's at least enjoyable to drink.

I met Lindsay and the girls for lunch at Chick Fil A. PK was requesting it, and I am always happy to oblige :)  We keep saying that the next time we see each other, babies will be here, but babies keep holding out on us!

Since Mike only works half days on Fridays, we had the afternoon to get a few things done together. We went to vote together, and then I drug him to Target {for niece and nephew birthday gifts} and Sam's {for stocking up on basics for when babies are here}. 

Date #33: Voting! #wcsavethedate16

It's still surreal to me that these are our last days, or hours, just the two of us. We are obviously over the moon excited about welcoming our little ones. But it also seems strange that this season of our married life is quickly coming to an end. We wouldn't trade it for anything, but I am so thankful for the last 5 years we have had just the two of us.

**This post was published after our babies were born**

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 6 More Days!

Today was my last appointment with the perinatologist. I had hoped to "graduate" from her weeks ago {but ended up in the hospital instead}, so it was nice to finally say goodbye, knowing that we would be having babies within the week. She couldn't believe my OB was making me wait until 38 weeks before she induced {another pitying look when I waddled into the office}.  :)

It was also our last ultrasound before getting to meet Eli and Maddie. Both babies were looking good, growing nice and strong, and still both head down :)  I could not believe that the next time I would see them would be outside the womb, in my arms! 

After my ultrasound, I headed to my last Thursday lunch at McAlister's with Lindsay, the girls, Susan, and Grandma {weekly tradition that I have been invited to!} It will be my last one for awhile, so it was nice to enjoy the company! PK was excited to tell me the "Evi and Maggie" would have the same doctor as her {we are using the same pediatrician, and she had seen him the day before. It's really fun to see her excitement about her cousins. I also got all kinds of fun, sweet {and lovingly handmade} gifts from Lindsay, and I can't wait to clothe, wrap, and care for our babies in all of it!

Sneak peak at the adorableness :)

Today was also a big milestone for me for work. I had hoped that babies would wait until after today to come, simply from a work load standpoint. I had left instructions, and they would have been just fine if babies had come sooner. But today I could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the worst of the craziness {quarter end, 2 board meetings} was taken care of. Bring on the babies! :)

**This post was published after our babies were born**

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 7 More Days!

I took today to run some errands. We have been ready for babies since September, but there are always things you can think of to still do :)  I must have had a dozen people ask me if I was close to my due date, and I got countless pitying looks haha. I mean, I'm HUGE, so I get it, it just made me laugh.

Since I was up and around and walking for a good portion of the day, my feet swelled to crazy proportions. So no evening walk with Mike today. But I did have a few contractions tonight, so that made me a little excited!

**This post was published after our babies were born**

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 8 More Days!

Today I had my last appointment with my OB before our scheduled C-section {November 2nd}. She was very excited to hear that both babies were head down, and as she felt my belly, she was convinced that Maddie was not only head down, but further down. True to her word, she said I would just need to confirm at my ultrasound with the perinatologist, and then we would move forward with an induction instead of a C-section. And since we had made it to full term {for twins}, she lifted my bed rest restrictions and told me to do whatever I wanted! Well, within reason, of course, but I was FREE! 

My first stops with my new-found freedom? Hobby Lobby and Target. Because again: FREEDOM.

Mike and I also went for a walk tonight. Now that I am no longer on restrictions, I can start to make efforts toward getting these babies to come on their own! I didn't make it very far around the block; I mean, I have been sitting on the couch for 5 weeks haha! But it felt good to be outside and moving again!

Date #32: Sunset Walk {celebrating the lifting of bed rest!} #wcsavethedate16

And now...let the countdown begin! :)

**This post was published after our babies were born**

Monday, October 24, 2016

37 Weeks

Woah babies!

How far along? 37 weeks {we're full term!!}
Days since transfer: 241 days
Days on bed rest: 38 days
Total weight gain: +42.8
Maternity clothes? To be honest, whatever fits {or semi-fits}. Maternity, Mike's clothes, no bump is ginormous at this point. It's kind of a lost cause haha.
Sleep: Sleep is intermittent. I am just so uncomfortable, so it's hard to find a good position and actually fall asleep, so I am sleeping in small increments. 
Best moment of the week: A celebratory dinner with Ben and Lindsay, anticipating the arrival of our little ones and coming to the end of a long journey. Confirming for another week that Maddie's heart arrhythmia is gone. Making it full term {for twins}!
Cravings: McAlister's still :)  I am still hungry all the time, but am finding that I have to eat smaller amounts or I feel uncomfortable or sick, or get indigestion. There's not much space left in there :)
Symptoms: Uncomfortable. BIG. Are those really symptoms?? It's how I feel all the time at this point. Don't get me wrong...I have had a good pregnancy. This isn't anything out of the ordinary for being at this point with twins. I'm just ready to meet our babies, that's all. Because I am so big at this point, everything is feeling the stress of the extra hips, my organs, my feet, everything. I will say that I am thankful that I have made it this far before feeling this way :)
Labor signs: Still dilated at a 2 and about 75-80% effaced. I didn't think it was even possible, but Eli has dropped farther down. I have had a few more {tightening} contractions, but still nothing to start paying attention to.
Looking forward to: The end of this pregnancy and meeting our babies...we're SO close!!


Size of baby? About the size of a honeydew or winter melon, a tackle box, or a striped skunk :)
Development: Babies are just about the size they will be at birth, and lungs should be developed enough to breathe independently. They are sucking their thumbs, and their reflexes are quite strong. If I were to put my finger in the middle of their palms, they would be able to grasp it! 
Heartbeat: At our last ultrasound with the perinatologist, Eli's heart rate was 145 bpm, and Maddie's heart rate was 134 bpm. And her arrhythmia was still undetectable! 
Movement: Still moving all the time, and it hurts! It's so strange to feel their little bodies, but I am glad that they are still doing so well.
Current Position: Both babies are head down now! I'm not holding my breath that Maddie will stay put, but it was still encouraging news!

Monday, October 17, 2016

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks {we made it to our second goal!!}
Days since transfer: 234 days
Days on bed rest: 31 days
Total weight gain: +39.0 {holy cow these babies are making me gain weight fast!}
Maternity clothes? Yes, but even starting to grow out of those...what happens when I don't have anything left that fits?? haha :)
Sleep: I am still trying not to nap during the day so I can sleep at night, but I am finding myself more tired during the day. It feels a little like the first trimester. I am not doing much since I am on bed rest, which I am sure is contributing to my lack of energy. I find it hard to keep my eyes open at times; growing babies is exhausting!
Best moment of the week: Making it to our second goal! Also NOT hearing Maddie's heart arrhythmia at my last visit with the perinatologist. Such a huge praise! 
Cravings: McAlister's grilled chicken wrap with honey mustard + sweet tea. I think I could eat this every day...lunch time rolls around, and this is my first thought of what I want to eat. Maybe I am craving it because I feel like I have eaten it almost every week  :)
Symptoms: I just feel uncomfortable most of the's getting harder and harder to move haha! Depending on how babies are positioned, it actually hurts. I'm sure they hate it, but I am constantly trying to push them to move into a different position so I can breathe/move/relieve pain. My sciatic pain seems to be subsiding, so I am so thankful for that! And I'm not sure if this is a symptom or not, but I definitely have the pregnancy waddle going on...I just can't help it. My belly is just so HUGE and heavy...
Labor signs: I dilated a little more to a 2, but my contractions {if any} are still inconsistent.
Looking forward to: Making it to our next goal: 37 weeks- full term! I'm hoping my body can handle another week {or two!}. We're hoping it means no NICU time!


Size of baby? About the size of a ripe papaya or cantaloupe, a cabbage patch doll, or a chihuahua :)
Development: Babies are still working on their digestive systems, but that won't be fully complete until they get here. They have had plenty of practice swallowing, and they are putting on a ton of fat. Hearing, touch, and taste are becoming clearer for them too.
Heartbeat: Both heartbeats were in the 140's, and Maddie's heart arrhythmia did not present itself at my last perinatology appointment! We're praying this means it has completely resolved itself.
Movement: I thought babies were supposed to be moving less as they got bigger and as we got closer to the end, but I feel like my two have increased their movement this week. It could be that they have run out of room and are trying to push each other out of the way in an effort to find more room. Who knows. But I am glad that I am not worrying about their movement right now.
Current Position: Eli is still head down, and Maddie is still transverse. My OB did have me schedule a c-section, but said that we could change that if Maddie moved the full way to head down. I really am ok either way, but it's nice to know she is willing to keep the option open until the very end.
Fundal Height: At my last OB appointment, I was measuring at 41...getting BIGGER.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Remembering Our Babies in Heaven

"To the grieving parent: On the days when no one but you mentions their name, I am so, so sorry. Say their name bravely. Know that they are still real, they were still here, and you are still theirs."
~ Lexi Behrndt

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Really, all of October is dedicated to awareness, but today is a specific day to remember the little ones that were lost too soon. 

It's hard to reflect on our losses. Our years of infertility and loss are ones that, in many ways, I would rather put behind us. All of the hurt and confusion, pain and frustration are better left in the past, particularly as we begin our much-prayed-for years of parenting. And yet, it's not so easy to forget. I mean, will I ever be able to really forget? As painful as those years have been, they were important years that the Lord used to grow, refine, and comfort us.

And deep down, we don't want to forget, especially not forget the precious lives that the Lord entrusted to us, however short the time was. We didn't get the chance to hold them in our arms, but every life is precious, even in it's tiniest and most vulnerable of stages. And so today, I want to mention the names of the precious ones we lost too soon...

Jack and Jill.
We transferred the first 2 embryos, desperately praying that the Lord would grow and bring them to us to parent. We were told at the time of transfer that they had not done so well in the thawing process, but we were committed to offering them the best chance at life. We moved forward with the transfer and went home to pray for our miracles. When we received the call a couple of weeks later that we were not pregnant, it was such hard news. We had lost our little ones, the tiny embryos that we had seen on the ultrasound screen, moving and growing...alive! And yet they were not strong enough to implant and grow, so instead were born into heaven.

A sweet friend and mentor had been affectionately calling them Jack and Jill as we prepared for our transfer, and so we thought it was fitting to keep their names. 

Amy and Noah.
We never got to even see these tiny embryos like we did the others, because they did not survive the thawing process. Thawing proved to be too much for them, and so they never even made it to a point of transfer. That was a hard loss too. To know that our little ones didn't make it, and were lost in a lab, is hard to think about. But it is comforting to know that they will never know the pains of this world, only ever knowing the face of our beautiful Savior.

Amy means "dearly loved," and Noah means "rest or peace." Both of these tiny ones were loved and wanted, but we are thankful they now find their rest in Jesus.

Annie and Hope.
We transferred our last 2 embryos, and we had better news at the time of transfer. They did better in the thawing process, so we were hopeful we would get to carry these babies. So when we got the phone call that we were pregnant, we were so excited! It was news we had longed to hear, and we had finally received it! Which is why the news that came just a couple of days later was such a devastating blow. Our beta numbers had dropped, indicating that we were losing the pregnancy. We felt so helpless, because there was nothing we could do to save them. I miscarried a short time later. Our babies were there, but then all of sudden they were not. 

Annie means "blessed with grace." We were indeed blessed with the grace of these tiny lives, even if it was only for a short time. This name is our reminder that we are showered with grace from the Lord, and we would still bless His name, even if there was pain in our offering. We chose the name Hope because of the hope and joy we felt when we found out we were pregnant. This name is our reminder that our felt hope and joy may have been taken in the moment, but that our ultimate hope and joy in Jesus can never be taken.


So today, we remember our precious little ones, the tiny lives that we carry only in our hearts. We may not fully understand why the Lord gave us these babies for only a short time, and why we never got to parent them this side of heaven. But each precious life was a gift, and we want to pause to remember how the Lord used their tiny lives to show us His grace and love.

Monday, October 10, 2016

35 Weeks

How far along? 35 weeks
Days since transfer: 227 days
Days on bed rest: 24 days
Total weight gain: +33.8
Maternity clothes? Yes, plus Mike's t-shirts haha. To be fair, I wear the ones in the back of his closet that he either hasn't worn in over a year or forgot he had. But that's just where we are...just keeping it real :)
Sleep: I feel like the insomnia wasn't as bad this week. As long as I don't nap during the day, I can sleep through most of the night. I still have to get up to pee, and often times have to read for a little bit before falling back asleep, but seem to sleep ok. Though I have to say we have reached the point where me and Mike are sleeping in separate rooms because my snoring keeps him up. Poor guy. 
Best moment of the week: Making it another week! Seriously, every week we make it longer, the bigger and stronger our babies grow {and hopefully that means less NICU time}.
Cravings: Nope.
Symptoms: All the usual for having 2 babies in your belly :) This week the sciatica pain started up again, and man has it been intense! I have found it really difficult to walk sometimes. I have tried everything from heat/ice to yoga stretches to try and relieve the pain, but it has just hung around. Think sharp, shooting pain up your right side every time you move. Yeah. Not so fun. I also came down with a cold, which wasn't super fun. I went almost the whole pregnancy without getting one, but it caught me at the end. So close.
Looking forward to: Meeting our babies! This is the week I guessed they would come. Mike guessed next week. So we shall see :)


Size of baby? About the size of a bunch of carrots or a canary melon, a kid's backpack, or a mini-lop rabbit :)
Development: Babies' lanugo is disappearing as they get better at regulating their body temperatures. Their skeletal development is nearly complete, and most of the development they have left is just growing bigger and stronger!
Heartbeat: As of last Thursday, both babies had good heartbeats. Maddie's arrhythmia is still there, but it is very intermittent, and they are still not worried. 
Movement: Movement has been pretty consistent, with Eli never stopping and Maddie checking in here and there. I will say that she moved a lot more this week, which made me feel so much better. And there may or may not have been several parties in my belly this week. How on earth do they still have room??? I did learn that all this time I was thinking Eli was the one kicking my ribs...turns out they have both been kicking each other and my ribs! I didn't realize Maddie's feet were that far over. So parenting lesson #1: get the WHOLE story! :)
Current Position: Eli is still head down and about as far down as he can get without actually being here haha. Unfortunately this week, Maddie is transverse {sideways}, so I have a feeling I will be scheduling a C-section with my OB tomorrow. Definitely a little bummed, but still at peace with it. I have been praying they would be in the exact position they needed to be for the safest delivery, whatever that ended up being. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

High Five for Friday!

{one} On Monday, we officially hit our first goal: we made it to 34 weeks! I had felt some contractions {still inconsistent}, and Mike made the comment before we went to bed: "we could have babies soon. Even tonight!" Babies did NOT arrive that night {and they're still baking at the time of this post}, but it made me realize that we are so, SO close! And it made me reflect over the past year. This time last year, we were trying to process the loss of 6 babies. We didn't understand what the Lord was doing and why He would allow such loss after so much heartache. And now a year later, we are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Eli and Maddie. And this during National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. We may never understand the full reason for our losses, but we trust the goodness of our loving Father. We praise Him in times of sorrow and joy. And we're thankful for the rainbows after the rain.

{two} So I mentioned that we were stepping out in faith for me to come off the Humira. But after finally connecting with my OB {rather than the others in her practice}, we made the decision for me to stay on it. She couldn't find any evidence that Humira causes a fetal heart arrhythmia, and she believed that the risks were too great for me to stop taking it. And another perinatologist confirmed that decision. And my GI was obviously ok either way. So it was a bit of a roller coaster to get to a final answer, but I am glad that I am not having to worry about that anymore, knowing that it's not hurting Maddie. So don't ever feel weird about advocating for your own healthcare decisions or insisting that your varying doctors speak with one another!

{three} Yesterday we had our {now} weekly appointment with the perinatologist. Both babies were looking good! Eli was weighing in around 5 pounds, and Maddie was weighing in around 6 pounds! I have a feeling Eli is a little bigger {it's hard to get measurements on him because of where he is positioned}, but even at 5 pounds, he is still on track. Maddie's heart arrhythmia is still there, but it is very intermittent. So they are still not worried about it. It definitely seems to be getting better, just not gone yet. But since she's growing really well, we're thankful! 

{four} I have been on bed rest for 3 weeks now. I'll admit, it's not my favorite. But it really has been ok. I have had a lot of rest, read several books, enjoyed some Netflix, prayed a lot more. I know that I will long for these restful and quiet days very soon. I am definitely thankful for all of the family and friends who have made it easier. From meals and treats to thoughtful gifts and visits, it has made the time go by quicker. 

{five} And I just have to say that my hubby is AMAZING. He works hard anyway, but he has been working hard during the day, then coming home to take care of me. While I sit around and basically do nothing, he has been taking care of shopping, cooking, cleaning/laundry, etc. I know that bed rest hasn't been easy on him, but I am so thankful for how he is joyfully and sacrificially taking care of me and our babies. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Big "C"

With all the excitement of the babies, I have been quiet about a not-so-fun subject. Partly because we have been waiting on more details, and partly because we were all wanting to focus on happier things and not worry about the unknowns at this point.

And who ever really wants to talk about cancer anyway? I mean, it has its own ominous nickname: the big "C." There aren't many who are not touched by cancer in some way, but when the diagnosis comes for you or someone close to you...

When we went to San Antonio for our baby shower, after all the fun festivities, my parents sat us down to let us know that my dad had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was definitely not at all what I expected when they said they wanted to talk with us. I listened to all of the details, but I think it took a few days for it to actually sink in. And I HATE being here, unable to go there...

A cancer diagnosis is scary no matter what. But prostate cancer can often be treated successfully, and they seem to have caught it early for my dad. The doctors seem positive that surgery is the best way to get rid of it. We won't know until after the surgery whether or not it has spread or not, but all the numbers and labs look good at this point. 

So if you think about it, will you be praying for my dad? His surgery is scheduled for the end of November {after the babies arrive, on purpose}. Pray that the doctors can remove all cancer and that it has not spread. And please pray for his recovery. He is taking all of December off from work to recover, which is good {and a HUGE deal for my hard-working dad}, but it's not going to be an easy road. Please also pray for my mom as she takes care of him. We feel so helpless because we most likely won't be able to go down there to see him and help, and I know they are struggling with being away from babies for their first Christmas. We have a good plan in place for everyone, it's just hard when things don't work out the way you had envisioned them. We're no strangers to a change of hoped for plans, so we are resting in the Lord's goodness, knowing that He is in control. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks {wahoo! made it to our first goal!}
Days since transfer: 220 days
Days on bed rest: 17 days
Total weight gain: +31 {and just like that, the weight is back}  :)
Maternity clothes? Yep. I had some fall maternity clothes that people let me borrow, but on bed rest I don't have many places to wear them. Oh well. As big as I am getting, I'm not sure too many of them would fit anyway haha.
Sleep: The pregnancy insomnia has settled in. Despite my best efforts to not sleep during the day so I can sleep at night, I still find myself up at random hours. Guess my body is just preparing for when I don't know day from night when babies arrive!
Best moment of the week: Hearing the perinatologist say that she is not concerned about Maddie's heart! Also being able to get out into the fresh air for a little bit :)
Cravings: Nope.
Symptoms: Big, achy, and increasingly more uncomfortable. It's so hard to move around these days; even just flipping over in bed is a major feat haha. My back aches, and I have had a lot of indigestion. It's also hard to breathe if babies are on my diaphragm. All the usual symptoms for being 34 weeks with twins :) Good news? Being on bed rest has helped my feet to stop swelling, so that's nice. 
Labor Signs: I have had some contractions this week, but they are few and far between, nothing consistent. It has been easier to identify; they still don't hurt, but I can definitely distinguish the tightening in my abdomen. 
Looking forward to: Meeting our babies!! It could be any day, or it could be a few more weeks, but we are both just so excited to meet them. 


Size of baby? About the size of a savoy cabbage or pineapple, a basketball hoop, or a quokka {an adorable little mammal}
Development: Babies' immune systems are getting stronger! Their lungs, brain, and central nervous system keep rapidly developing. They are also peeing up to a pint a day {!}
Heartbeat: Eli's heart beat was in the 150s and sounding really strong. Maddie's heart sounded SO much better, though she still had a small arrhythmia. The good news is that they're not worried about it. The perinatologist is chalking it up to immaturity, that her heart just needs to develop a little more. They will continue to monitor it, but fully expect it to correct itself. 
Movement: Mr. Eli still moves all the time, and he seems to really like to kick right into my ribs. I found myself fighting with him this week, trying to get him to move away from my ribs, because his kicks are getting stronger and definitely more painful. Miss Maddie worried me a bit with slowing down her movement, but whenever I would drink some orange juice and lay on my side, she let me know she was ok. I am so curious how these habits are going to play out when they arrive :)
Current Position: As of a few days ago, they were both still head down...yes, they could still flip, but I am hopeful I will get to try for a vaginal delivery!
Fundal Height: Last week at my OB appointment it was 39 HUGE :)