Saturday, March 30, 2013

30 Days, 30 Verses {Intro} :: Praying Scripture Over Your Husband

Something I was convicted of early in our marriage is the need to pray for my husband. This seems like a no-brainer, but I knew the Lord was asking me to dig a little deeper. What does it really look like to pray for my husband? I should be praying for the obvious things: the things that relate to his job and ministry, the things that he is currently struggling with or needs. Even the things he simply asks me to pray about for him.

But am I praying deeper than that? Am I praying for his heart, for his walk with Jesus? Am I praying for the things he needs to be a godly husband, {someday} father, man?

As a wife, I have the unique opportunity to be my husband's helpmate, not only in the calling for our lives, but also in being his constant support and cheerleader. I believe this most certainly includes {and I would even venture to say, starts with} prayer. Intentional prayer. Deep prayer. To really spend time on my knees on my husband's behalf. To truly commit to intentional, daily intercession for my husband.

One of the simplest ways I thought I could stay focused in my prayers was to use Scripture as a launching point. The idea actually started as a Christmas present our first married year; I bought Mike the new Bible he had been wanting and then added my own personal touch by sticking notes inside next to verses I was praying over him. One Scripture passage for {almost} every day of the month.

So beginning in April, for 30 days, I'd like to share the verses and the prayers that the Lord has laid on my heart for my husband. Some of the inspiration for the prayers came from various blog postings, most came from reading the verses in the Message translation. Your prayers may be different, and I know mine will change throughout our years of marriage and ministry. But I hope this can be an encouraging resource as you find ways to intentionally pray for your husband.

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