Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Blog Design Reveal

I have wanted to redesign my blog for awhile, but just couldn't seem to find the right design at the right price. So I crazily decided I would make it a DIY project. With all the tutorials out there, I figured I could figure it out on my own...  :)

I did figure it out (yay me!), though it turned into a fairly time-consuming project. But I am excited about the fact that I can create my own {simple} blog things for free from now on. I like that a lot.

So I said good-bye to the old design...

...and hello to this new one! My color inspiration came from the following palettes:


I love this website. There are countless color combinations, which takes the guess work out of knowing which colors look best together. But the best part about using the palettes from Design Seeds is that they give you the Hex codes for all of their colors. Which makes it so much easier to apply the right colors to every part of your blog.

I really wanted something fairly simple, with just a little bit of color (hence all of the white and the polka dots). I created all of my images - header, signature, sidebar titles, social media icons - in Keynote, so you don't even need a fancy photo editing program. I have been told that Picnik is a great free resource; I just didn't want to learn anything new right now. Although maybe it wouldn't have taken so long had I used a real photo editing program...maybe next time.

I used a number of varying sites to gather my blogger editing knowledge. I really recommend the following, as they have fantastic tutorials:

Once you get the hang of color editing, sizing, and a little bit of basic HTML coding, you're all set! :)

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