Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It's Friday!

{one} My "Friday" was actually on Wednesday of this week. So does that make today 2nd Saturday?? That seems like a pretty good Friday to me :)

{two} We drove in to San Antonio Wednesday night, so we got to sleep in and relax before Lauren and Miguel's rehearsal/rehearsal dinner (post/pictures to come later). Since the wedding is not until tomorrow, we have the entire day today to hang out with my parents!

{three} People often ask, "What is Crohn's Disease?" and I am still learning how to succinctly describe it for them without going into all the gory details. I found this picture that I think perfectly describes it. It's kinda funny, but so true...


{four} I am in the midst of re-designing my blog. Just kind of feel like a change. And I have crazily decided to make it a DIY project. I want something fairly simple, so it shouldn't be too hard. Surely I can remember some of that coding unit in my business MIS class. Plus, there are enough tutorials online where I can figure it out....right? Ha. I will let you know how this endeavor turns out ;)

{five} Today is actually my 1 year anniversary at the bank. It's always humbling to think back over the past year and how the Lord provided in so many ways through this job. While there are times that I miss my old co-workers, I certainly do not miss the stress of my old job. I think about how the Lord has provided new co-workers, and how grateful I am for those new relationships here in McKinney. I think about the blessing of being close to home, and I never want to take my short commute for granted.


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