Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Would Have Thunk?

I never thought in a million years that I would say this, but after leaving it behind only 9 months ago, I have to admit it…I miss Waco. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I miss the good ol’ city of Wacko. I can't help it. Those who have lived in those hallowed city limits know what I'm talking about. Most things I miss are related to Baylor, but Waco has a certain charm about it that you just can't help but miss...
clay pot
dr pepper hour
crossword puzzles and sudoku in the lariat
katie's custard
the bears!!! joy and lady
pat neff glowing green
the garagmajal
bush's sweet tea!
the suspension bridge
sidewalk announcements
pearl at Penland
the circle
the boys in the crazy apartment
baylor in the spring
$3, 7 am breakfasts at taco cabana with laura
world hunger relief
ghetto heb
chili's too! (the first one on a college campus!)
the judge baylor sic' em!
everyone's strange fascination with the alico building
the slc
highland guy
common grounds
cameron park
driving down maple to highland
hearts n crafts
the carillion bells
late night powdered donut runs
teriyaki park
the bear trail
ahhh...memories.  :)