{About Me}

Hi. I'm Erin. 

And that cute guy standing next to me? That's my sweet husband  :)

I am a married 30-something whose heart belongs to Jesus. I seek to know, follow, and exhibit Christ more each day. It is a daily process, and I still have a lot to learn in this journey we call life. My heart's desire is to grow closer to the heart of God and to exhibit His love in all that I do and say. 

I can't promise this blog will be inspirational, insightful, or even interesting. But I can promise that it will be the true account of the journey I am on toward intimacy with my Savior, and it will also include some everyday happenings of our life. 

So, welcome! Sit and stay awhile. Say "hello." Thanks for joining me on my journey to the heart of God...

Random Facts About Me

I prefer fruit flavored gum to mint flavored gum.
 I would rather take the picture than be in it.
I need time by myself to recharge.
Pretty much every major event from 7th grade to my senior year in college is scrapbooked.
Every major event after college is blogged and/or in a photo book.
I have a secret desire to be a famous country singer.
I used to give my dad a hard time for having an all-blue-and-gray wardrobe…when mine was {still is} all-black-and-white.
I wore a plaid pleated skirt and knee socks for the better part of my grade schooling.
When I was little, I used to fake coughing attacks when people were smoking in restaurants.
I like to people watch…people are so fascinating. And so weird.
I’m not really bothered by awkward silence.
I once held a 5ft metal pole as a makeshift antennae for 2 hours to hear the Spurs win the championship.
I prefer hot weather to cold weather. 90 degrees? Yes please!
In high school I was voted most likely to become president.
I once cut grass with a sickle.
I have a favorite pair of flip flops and a favorite pair of heels.
I love a good hymn as much as any contemporary worship song.
Yes, I was a girl scout.
I rode the bus my senior year of high school…with my best friend {also a senior} and the kindergartners.
My first car was a 1992 Buick LeSabre {fully equipped with 2-inch speedometer numbers and push buttons!}
I really like lists.
I am terrible at doing math in my head.
I have Crohn's Disease and Endometriosis.
I have a soccer state championship ring instead of a senior ring from high school.
I like to drive fast. I’m lucky I have only had 1 speeding ticket.
I once sang in the choir at a Billy Graham crusade.
I have only kissed one boy- my husband :)
Always preferred roller skates to roller blades.
I was a professional selling major in college for a grand total of 4 days.
I have spent the night on the USS Lexington- it was AWESOME.
I am and always will be a Baylor bear. Sic ‘em!
My favorite color is green.
My name is written on the John Lennon Wall in Prague.
I was a swimsuit model…when I was 5. Pink polka dot ruffled suit and pink star-shaped sunglasses :)
I had 2 colonoscopies before the age of 33.
I rarely make my bed.