Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!


What a difference a year makes!


Happy Valentines Day from the McCullough Twins :)

Friday, February 9, 2018

Celebrating 33

So I turned 33 this week! I am now well into my 30s, which seems strange to say, because I don't feel like I am that old haha. But I'm also not sure how being in your 30s is "supposed" to I guess it just is what it is. Either way, I think it feels pretty good :)

I have always loved birthdays and all the fun festivities. This week was no exception, and I am just so thankful for all of the family, friends, and birthday love. I praise God for another year and for all of the sweet blessings I get to enjoy. 

On Wednesday {my actual birthday}, I woke up to a sweet birthday card from my hubby. We {me and babies} spent the morning at home, and I got a fun cookie delivery from Tiff's Treats!

I got to have lunch with Laura and Cooper, which was really fun! I feel like we had a crazy amount of old people come up to our table and make various comments, ranging from "I remember those days" to "your table makes me tired" haha. So that was interesting, but I love that we get to hang out and have lunch with our babies on a regular basis. What a sweet blessing! Laura gave me a couple of books I have been wanting, so I am so excited to start reading those! 

My mom came into town for the week/weekend, so we have been enjoyed a fun week with her! Eli and Maddie have been in HEAVEN with grandma here, and I have enjoyed having the extra hands around during the day :)

And today, Mike and I got to have a fun birthday date out. We enjoyed lunch at Salata {one of my favorites}, then grabbed a cupcake at Sprinkles. It was a great way to round out my birthday week celebrations!

Thank you, Lord for another sweet year!

Monday, February 5, 2018

A Brand New Perspective

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Eli needed glasses. We had started noticing that his right eye seemed to cross at times. It didn't happen all the time at first, but it didn't seem to be correcting itself either, so we decided to take him to a pediatric ophthalmologist. 

When she first examined him, she said that it was definitely noticeable. His eye wasn't turning all the time, but it was turning a majority of the time. She said it could either be a muscle issue {which would require surgery when he was 2 or 3 years old}, or he could have a really high prescription, which would require glasses. They dilated his little eyes, held up varying lenses to his eyes, shined lights in his eyes...basically performed a number of tests to determine what the issue was. And my little guy did SO well! He wasn't fussy or squirmy, and he was super patient with her examination. At the end of it, we had the verdict: he would need glasses.

It turns out he has high hyperopia {aka far-sightedness}. Basically, his eyeballs are shorter than they should be, so when he is looking at an object far away, the image comes into focus behind the retina. There's even a possibility that he has had difficulty seeing both distance and near. But either way, his cross eye has resulted because he has been trying to compensate for what he could not see. Poor little buddy! Other than his crossed eye, he really hasn't seemed to have any other issues. Many children with hyperopia avoid books and hate reading...but Eli LOVES sitting and flipping through books. He seems to run around and play with no problem, able to make baskets in his little basketball goal and stack blocks without any problem. So his vision issues are not seeming to slow him down in any way. Of course, hyperopia can cause increased muscle strain/fatigue and headaches, so he could have been experiencing some of those symptoms without us knowing. 

The hope is that wearing glasses full time will help correct his cross eye. There is still a chance he could need surgery later, but we will have to see how the glasses do. There is also a chance that as his eye grows and develops, his vision could get better. But we won't know that until he is 9 or 10, so he'll just always know glasses {and in the future, contacts, if he wants}. 

When he first put them on, it took him a second to realize he could actually SEE, and he immediately started looking around at everything. He was taking it all in, and couldn't stop smiling. When he saw himself in the mirror, he drew in an excited breathe, like he was surprised to see such a handsome fellow! :)

So now we figure out life with glasses! Our biggest challenge right now is making sure he keeps them on...and that his sister leaves them alone :)  I started wearing my glasses a little bit more before we got Eli's pair, in an effort to get them both used to them, practicing with them to leave them alone. We're still working on that, though he is doing better than I expected. And we'll figure it out!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

{iPhone Rewind} :: January

I discovered these and they're AMAZING.

When it's cold outside and mama makes you wear ridiculous fleece outfits :)

We spent a cold day at Aunt Lindsay's hanging out with cousins!

Cutie :)

Cutie #2 :)

There were literally 123 other colored balls on the floor within his reach, but he insisted on having these 2 #toddlerlogic

And some days are like this... #siblings

This boy LOVES his books!


They just love this window sill :)

Sweet tulips from my love :)

Apparently this cutie likes kale...who knew? :)

Friday, January 26, 2018

High Five for Friday!

{one} Eli and Maddie are affectionately called snowflake babies, because they came to us through embryo adoption and were once frozen. So that would make me a snowflake mama! :)  Leah is a fellow snowflake mama, and she has designed some beautiful snowflake products to celebrate the uniqueness of our little ones. So when she posted a new snowflake mama t-shirt, I knew I wanted to get one! I was so excited when it arrived in the mail, and I can't wait to wear it and raise more awareness about embryo adoption. 

{two} I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called One More Shot. One couple documented their infertility and loss journey, sharing all the intimate details of trying to build their family. All the doctor appointments, the medication, the finances, the emotions, etc. I found myself crying, laughing, nodding along throughout the whole film. I was right back on our road to a family, experiencing all the emotions all over again. This film is not from a Christian perspective {and fair warning, there is some cussing}, but I would highly recommend it. It's a raw look at the reality of infertility and loss, what some couples face in growing their families. You can watch the trailer here

{three} I have also started listening to a new podcast called Hinge. It is an atheist and a pastor who are asking/answering hard questions about who Jesus was. It hasn't quite been what I expected...but it has still been interesting. They ask a lot of good questions, and I appreciate that there is room to question faith and belief.

{four} We had noticed that Eli looked a bit cross-eyed at times, so we decided to take him to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. They did a number of tests, dilated his little eyes, and concluded that he has high hyperopia. In other words, poor little guy can't see very well! His cross eye has resulted because he has been trying to compensate and actually see! So that means he will need glasses. We have ordered them, and are waiting for them to come in. I will update and provide a little more information then, but for now, we're just thankful we were able to identify the problem and now know how to fix it!

{five} So I am {maybe a little unreasonably} terrified of the flu. The one and only time I had it was in college during finals week, and all I remember is waking up feeling like I had been run over by a mack truck. Since being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, I have received a flu shot every year, because the flu can be very bad for those with IBD {lasting for weeks and even causing a flare up}. And now with 2 babies who share every illness...I just want to avoid it at all costs. With the flu being so bad this year, and the flu vaccine not very effective this year, I just want to hibernate until March. So forgive me if I avoid the general public or even you...I'm just trying to keep my family healthy :)