Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy {5th} Birthday Sasha!

My sweet girl turned 5 years old this week! It's hard to believe it has already been 5 years since I brought her home. She certainly tries my patience sometimes, but I can't imagine what life would have been like without this crazy pup in my life ;)

The sweet "innocent" face that tricked me into taking her home with me...

WAY back when I could pick her up and hold her :)


Weekend (and Week!) of Family Fun

My parents came into town for Lindsay and Ben's wedding, so we got to spend the weekend with them. Saturday was a recovery day from all of the wedding festivities, so we ended up just playing games and renting movies. It was a really fun and relaxing day!

We found a new game to play- Quelf...the afternoon was filled with hilarity and laughter ;)

My dad headed home on Sunday, but my mom got to stay the week with us. My brother ended up having to have surgery on his fractured wrist, so she stayed to take care of him. While it was sad to see my dad go, it was a fun treat to have my mom here!

I still had to work while she was here, so Mike was left to entertain Mama Mazur and the bro. But it was fun to enjoy morning coffee and lunches together :)

Celebrating my "baby" bro's 25th birthday with a mini cake :)


{Tying the Knot} Ben & Lindsay

Mike's sister Lindsay got married a couple weeks ago, and we were both in the wedding. I took Thursday and Friday off work and my parents came into town; so things have been busy!

Wednesday night, we gathered to make bouquets, wrap 320 mini bundt cakes, and add monogrammed stickers to cups. It was fun to work with the other bridesmaids and help Lindsay get things crossed off her to-do list :)

Thursday morning we gathered at Mimi's Cafe for a sweet bridesmaid brunch. That afternoon we headed over to the reception site to get everything set up for the big day. My oh-so-talented mother-in-law designed the centerpieces, and everything looked gorgeous.

This was a super fun feature of the wedding! They had a root beer float stand :)

Thursday evening we headed over to the church for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. With 9 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, 3 flower girls, and 2 ring bearers, it was certainly no small feat to organize everyone! But it made me think back to our rehearsal and how we were surrounded by all of our friends and family, and what a sweet blessing it was to have everyone there with us.

Friday I met Lindsay and a couple other bridesmaids at the Dry Bar salon in Plano. I just have to say- I LOVED the concept of this salon. No cuts or colors; just washes, blow outs, and styles. I really enjoy getting my hair done at a salon; it's definitely therapeutic.

Wedding Hair!

After hair, it was time to get dressed and ready for pictures. She had decided to have pictures in downtown Plano, which was cool and artsy, including a bridge, a farmer's market, and a furniture store. I can't wait to see how the professional photos turn out!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and we were so honored to be a part of the wedding. Lindsay was gorgeous.

I finally got to meet this lovely lady (Morgan Judge), and she just so happens to be a fabulous photographer- check her out!

Mr. & Mrs. Cheng!

Congrats to Ben and Lindsay!!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Draw Near

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you..." ~James 4:8a

I know I highlight this verse a lot. It quite possibly could be my favorite verse. Every time I read it, I am reminded of such simple yet profound truths. The truth that I serve a God that is approachable. The truth that He desires to be in relationship with me. The truth that there is action required on my part to develop and nurture that relationship.

For the summer, I have chosen to walk through a study on the Sermon on the Mount. I listened to the intro podcast this morning and was reminded of what a privilege it is for us to even be able to draw near to our God. I lose sight of that too often. I neglect it. I take it for granted. I forget what an incredible gift it is for me to approach and be in relationship with such a holy God.

Reading Jesus' longest recorded message, we see that the crowds were drawn to Him. Though it was mostly a selfish and superficial draw (Jesus had begun healing people), the people nonetheless could approach the Son of God without fear. This is significant because the last time God spoke from a mountain (Moses on Mount Sinai to receive the Law), the experience was marked by thunder, lightening, fear, and trembling. While it is healthy and holy to maintain a similar sense of reverence before the God of the universe, Matthew highlights the incredible reality of an approachable God. This experience is marked instead by a still, small voice. A voice with just as much authority and power over our lives, but a voice that draws in those who believe and desire to walk with Him.

Jesus allows us open access to God; He alone has allowed us the privilege of being able to "draw near to God." What a difference the coming of Messiah makes for us to draw near to a holy God.