Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weekend (and Week!) of Family Fun

My parents came into town for Lindsay and Ben's wedding, so we got to spend the weekend with them. Saturday was a recovery day from all of the wedding festivities, so we ended up just playing games and renting movies. It was a really fun and relaxing day!

We found a new game to play- Quelf...the afternoon was filled with hilarity and laughter ;)

My dad headed home on Sunday, but my mom got to stay the week with us. My brother ended up having to have surgery on his fractured wrist, so she stayed to take care of him. While it was sad to see my dad go, it was a fun treat to have my mom here!

I still had to work while she was here, so Mike was left to entertain Mama Mazur and the bro. But it was fun to enjoy morning coffee and lunches together :)

Celebrating my "baby" bro's 25th birthday with a mini cake :)


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