Monday, October 10, 2016

35 Weeks

How far along? 35 weeks
Days since transfer: 227 days
Days on bed rest: 24 days
Total weight gain: +33.8
Maternity clothes? Yes, plus Mike's t-shirts haha. To be fair, I wear the ones in the back of his closet that he either hasn't worn in over a year or forgot he had. But that's just where we are...just keeping it real :)
Sleep: I feel like the insomnia wasn't as bad this week. As long as I don't nap during the day, I can sleep through most of the night. I still have to get up to pee, and often times have to read for a little bit before falling back asleep, but seem to sleep ok. Though I have to say we have reached the point where me and Mike are sleeping in separate rooms because my snoring keeps him up. Poor guy. 
Best moment of the week: Making it another week! Seriously, every week we make it longer, the bigger and stronger our babies grow {and hopefully that means less NICU time}.
Cravings: Nope.
Symptoms: All the usual for having 2 babies in your belly :) This week the sciatica pain started up again, and man has it been intense! I have found it really difficult to walk sometimes. I have tried everything from heat/ice to yoga stretches to try and relieve the pain, but it has just hung around. Think sharp, shooting pain up your right side every time you move. Yeah. Not so fun. I also came down with a cold, which wasn't super fun. I went almost the whole pregnancy without getting one, but it caught me at the end. So close.
Looking forward to: Meeting our babies! This is the week I guessed they would come. Mike guessed next week. So we shall see :)


Size of baby? About the size of a bunch of carrots or a canary melon, a kid's backpack, or a mini-lop rabbit :)
Development: Babies' lanugo is disappearing as they get better at regulating their body temperatures. Their skeletal development is nearly complete, and most of the development they have left is just growing bigger and stronger!
Heartbeat: As of last Thursday, both babies had good heartbeats. Maddie's arrhythmia is still there, but it is very intermittent, and they are still not worried. 
Movement: Movement has been pretty consistent, with Eli never stopping and Maddie checking in here and there. I will say that she moved a lot more this week, which made me feel so much better. And there may or may not have been several parties in my belly this week. How on earth do they still have room??? I did learn that all this time I was thinking Eli was the one kicking my ribs...turns out they have both been kicking each other and my ribs! I didn't realize Maddie's feet were that far over. So parenting lesson #1: get the WHOLE story! :)
Current Position: Eli is still head down and about as far down as he can get without actually being here haha. Unfortunately this week, Maddie is transverse {sideways}, so I have a feeling I will be scheduling a C-section with my OB tomorrow. Definitely a little bummed, but still at peace with it. I have been praying they would be in the exact position they needed to be for the safest delivery, whatever that ended up being. 

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