Friday, October 7, 2016

High Five for Friday!

{one} On Monday, we officially hit our first goal: we made it to 34 weeks! I had felt some contractions {still inconsistent}, and Mike made the comment before we went to bed: "we could have babies soon. Even tonight!" Babies did NOT arrive that night {and they're still baking at the time of this post}, but it made me realize that we are so, SO close! And it made me reflect over the past year. This time last year, we were trying to process the loss of 6 babies. We didn't understand what the Lord was doing and why He would allow such loss after so much heartache. And now a year later, we are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Eli and Maddie. And this during National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. We may never understand the full reason for our losses, but we trust the goodness of our loving Father. We praise Him in times of sorrow and joy. And we're thankful for the rainbows after the rain.

{two} So I mentioned that we were stepping out in faith for me to come off the Humira. But after finally connecting with my OB {rather than the others in her practice}, we made the decision for me to stay on it. She couldn't find any evidence that Humira causes a fetal heart arrhythmia, and she believed that the risks were too great for me to stop taking it. And another perinatologist confirmed that decision. And my GI was obviously ok either way. So it was a bit of a roller coaster to get to a final answer, but I am glad that I am not having to worry about that anymore, knowing that it's not hurting Maddie. So don't ever feel weird about advocating for your own healthcare decisions or insisting that your varying doctors speak with one another!

{three} Yesterday we had our {now} weekly appointment with the perinatologist. Both babies were looking good! Eli was weighing in around 5 pounds, and Maddie was weighing in around 6 pounds! I have a feeling Eli is a little bigger {it's hard to get measurements on him because of where he is positioned}, but even at 5 pounds, he is still on track. Maddie's heart arrhythmia is still there, but it is very intermittent. So they are still not worried about it. It definitely seems to be getting better, just not gone yet. But since she's growing really well, we're thankful! 

{four} I have been on bed rest for 3 weeks now. I'll admit, it's not my favorite. But it really has been ok. I have had a lot of rest, read several books, enjoyed some Netflix, prayed a lot more. I know that I will long for these restful and quiet days very soon. I am definitely thankful for all of the family and friends who have made it easier. From meals and treats to thoughtful gifts and visits, it has made the time go by quicker. 

{five} And I just have to say that my hubby is AMAZING. He works hard anyway, but he has been working hard during the day, then coming home to take care of me. While I sit around and basically do nothing, he has been taking care of shopping, cooking, cleaning/laundry, etc. I know that bed rest hasn't been easy on him, but I am so thankful for how he is joyfully and sacrificially taking care of me and our babies. 

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