Monday, October 24, 2016

37 Weeks

Woah babies!

How far along? 37 weeks {we're full term!!}
Days since transfer: 241 days
Days on bed rest: 38 days
Total weight gain: +42.8
Maternity clothes? To be honest, whatever fits {or semi-fits}. Maternity, Mike's clothes, no bump is ginormous at this point. It's kind of a lost cause haha.
Sleep: Sleep is intermittent. I am just so uncomfortable, so it's hard to find a good position and actually fall asleep, so I am sleeping in small increments. 
Best moment of the week: A celebratory dinner with Ben and Lindsay, anticipating the arrival of our little ones and coming to the end of a long journey. Confirming for another week that Maddie's heart arrhythmia is gone. Making it full term {for twins}!
Cravings: McAlister's still :)  I am still hungry all the time, but am finding that I have to eat smaller amounts or I feel uncomfortable or sick, or get indigestion. There's not much space left in there :)
Symptoms: Uncomfortable. BIG. Are those really symptoms?? It's how I feel all the time at this point. Don't get me wrong...I have had a good pregnancy. This isn't anything out of the ordinary for being at this point with twins. I'm just ready to meet our babies, that's all. Because I am so big at this point, everything is feeling the stress of the extra hips, my organs, my feet, everything. I will say that I am thankful that I have made it this far before feeling this way :)
Labor signs: Still dilated at a 2 and about 75-80% effaced. I didn't think it was even possible, but Eli has dropped farther down. I have had a few more {tightening} contractions, but still nothing to start paying attention to.
Looking forward to: The end of this pregnancy and meeting our babies...we're SO close!!


Size of baby? About the size of a honeydew or winter melon, a tackle box, or a striped skunk :)
Development: Babies are just about the size they will be at birth, and lungs should be developed enough to breathe independently. They are sucking their thumbs, and their reflexes are quite strong. If I were to put my finger in the middle of their palms, they would be able to grasp it! 
Heartbeat: At our last ultrasound with the perinatologist, Eli's heart rate was 145 bpm, and Maddie's heart rate was 134 bpm. And her arrhythmia was still undetectable! 
Movement: Still moving all the time, and it hurts! It's so strange to feel their little bodies, but I am glad that they are still doing so well.
Current Position: Both babies are head down now! I'm not holding my breath that Maddie will stay put, but it was still encouraging news!

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