Monday, October 17, 2016

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks {we made it to our second goal!!}
Days since transfer: 234 days
Days on bed rest: 31 days
Total weight gain: +39.0 {holy cow these babies are making me gain weight fast!}
Maternity clothes? Yes, but even starting to grow out of those...what happens when I don't have anything left that fits?? haha :)
Sleep: I am still trying not to nap during the day so I can sleep at night, but I am finding myself more tired during the day. It feels a little like the first trimester. I am not doing much since I am on bed rest, which I am sure is contributing to my lack of energy. I find it hard to keep my eyes open at times; growing babies is exhausting!
Best moment of the week: Making it to our second goal! Also NOT hearing Maddie's heart arrhythmia at my last visit with the perinatologist. Such a huge praise! 
Cravings: McAlister's grilled chicken wrap with honey mustard + sweet tea. I think I could eat this every day...lunch time rolls around, and this is my first thought of what I want to eat. Maybe I am craving it because I feel like I have eaten it almost every week  :)
Symptoms: I just feel uncomfortable most of the's getting harder and harder to move haha! Depending on how babies are positioned, it actually hurts. I'm sure they hate it, but I am constantly trying to push them to move into a different position so I can breathe/move/relieve pain. My sciatic pain seems to be subsiding, so I am so thankful for that! And I'm not sure if this is a symptom or not, but I definitely have the pregnancy waddle going on...I just can't help it. My belly is just so HUGE and heavy...
Labor signs: I dilated a little more to a 2, but my contractions {if any} are still inconsistent.
Looking forward to: Making it to our next goal: 37 weeks- full term! I'm hoping my body can handle another week {or two!}. We're hoping it means no NICU time!


Size of baby? About the size of a ripe papaya or cantaloupe, a cabbage patch doll, or a chihuahua :)
Development: Babies are still working on their digestive systems, but that won't be fully complete until they get here. They have had plenty of practice swallowing, and they are putting on a ton of fat. Hearing, touch, and taste are becoming clearer for them too.
Heartbeat: Both heartbeats were in the 140's, and Maddie's heart arrhythmia did not present itself at my last perinatology appointment! We're praying this means it has completely resolved itself.
Movement: I thought babies were supposed to be moving less as they got bigger and as we got closer to the end, but I feel like my two have increased their movement this week. It could be that they have run out of room and are trying to push each other out of the way in an effort to find more room. Who knows. But I am glad that I am not worrying about their movement right now.
Current Position: Eli is still head down, and Maddie is still transverse. My OB did have me schedule a c-section, but said that we could change that if Maddie moved the full way to head down. I really am ok either way, but it's nice to know she is willing to keep the option open until the very end.
Fundal Height: At my last OB appointment, I was measuring at 41...getting BIGGER.

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