Saturday, October 29, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 4 More Days!

Still no babies. Haha they seem quite comfortable where they are, so they're probably going to make us wait until next week. I mean, when you have waited 4 years, what's a few more days, right?? :)

I posted this photo on Instagram, because, well, it's about how I feel these days. The funny part is that not more than an hour later, I was calling for Mike's help. I had kneeled down in the hallway to get into my gift wrapping stuff and literally could not get back up. Of course, my sweet husband came around the corner like a knight in shining armor filming and asking me what the problem was. My hero :)  He did eventually help me up, after we had a good laugh and he caught it all on camera. 

We headed over to Bryan and Christa's for a Star Wars themed birthday party for Luke and Elizabeth. As far as theme parties go, they definitely did it right...I mean, it wasn't much of an effort for the Star Wars-loving family :)

**This post was published after our babies were born**

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