Monday, October 31, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: 2 More Days!

We had said we really hoped not to have Halloween babies, but I am feeling so uncomfortable, it just doesn't matter at this point haha. But I also decided not to do a ton of things today, but rather to just rest and not tempt babies after all. I have had zero contractions the last few days, so I think they're going to make us wait until Wednesday after all. So Netflix and craft projects it is :) 

I did get a call from my OB's office, confirming that we are scheduled for an induction {instead of the C-section}. This is SUCH an answer to prayer! We would have been ok either way; I had asked the Lord to put them both in the exact position they needed to be in for the safest delivery. But I am so thankful that I can avoid surgery, if for recovery-sake alone. It will also be better for my history of endometriosis to avoid surgery scarring. There is still a chance that Maddie could flip after Eli is born, so I will still have to take all the same surgery precautions. But I am thankful for the medical team that will be in place and ready to take care of me and our babies.

This afternoon I got a text from Lindsay, asking if I would be interested in getting a pedicure. I am so glad that I said yes, because it definitely helped my swollen and achy feet feel better! And my toes just look pretty now :) It was also just fun to sit and hang out as sisters. I'm so thankful for her. And I'm excited to raise our kiddos together!

**This post was published after our babies were born**

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