Friday, September 23, 2016

High Five for Friday!

{one} We made it through another week! I am closer to another full week with babies, which means we're closer to a better delivery time. It's so crazy to think that we have been planning for babies to arrive at the end of October, and now we're just trying to make it to the beginning of October. I have felt good {no contractions}, just trying to be good on bed rest. I don't do "nothing" really well haha. I am really thankful that I got most everything ready for babies already, so there's not any of the stress to get much else done. We really are just waiting for babies to bake a little longer and arrive!

{two} I went in for some more monitoring this week for Maddie's heart. And good news! Her heart looked really good- no arrhythmia! I have always loved hearing the sound of our babies' heartbeats, but it was that much better to hear Maddie's heart beat back to normal. They will continue to monitor her until she arrives, but for now she is ok. So thankful! It could have been just a normal growth stage and her heart has already corrected itself {or will at delivery}. Part of me feels like the Lord used it to get us to the hospital to stop the preterm labor I didn't feel. Either way, the Lord is watching over all of us, and we are thankful for good news this week.

{three} So with all of the issues with Maddie's heart and my preterm labor, my doctors have decided that I should come off my Humira {what I take for Crohn's}. I'll be honest- when they first mentioned this, I was terrified. I will do whatever I have to in order to keep Maddie safe, but the idea of coming off the medicine that has kept me in remission was overwhelming. I had a long discussion with my GI doctor about it, and he seems very confident that everything will be ok. Since I have been doing so well, he doesn't think I will have any problems coming off it until delivery, then restarting the medication after babies come. We have a plan in place in case I start seeing any Crohn's flare symptoms, and I will just need to keep him informed. So here we go...we're taking a step of faith, trusting the Lord with my health. 

{four} My mom came into town for the weekend, and I am so glad she is here! Mike had a hunting trip planned with my dad and brother, and we decided he should go ahead and go since everything seems to have calmed down. So my mom came up here to stay with me and help me while I am on bed rest. I'm sad it can't be our usual fun girls weekend, but I am sure we will be able to make the best of it :)

{five} I have to say that this is probably the first summer I am actually a little glad to see go. The heat has just been too much for me haha. And it really hasn't even been that bad of a summer. The temperatures are still high, but we should start to see cooler temperatures soon. My pregnancy hormone body is ready for fall! And I am sure my husband is ready for the cooler temperatures in hopes that I stop freezing him out :)

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