Sunday, September 25, 2016

Countdown to Babies :: Freezer Meals

The one thing I still had on my To Do list that I had hoped to get done before babies arrived was getting freezer meals ready. And it was one thing that I wouldn't be able to do myself on bed rest. So I recruited my mom, aunts, and cousins this past weekend to get that knocked off the list!

My sweet mom headed to the grocery store for me. I hated not being able to go myself, but I am so thankful that she was willing to go for me. It was A LOT of groceries, but we got good deals for what we made. I didn't do too bad on my planning, and we weren't short any ingredient...a miracle for me, as I usually tend to forget something!

My mom and I worked on a few meals on Friday night. Or really, I sat in a chair and directed my mom as she cooked the meals. I cut up vegetables and helped bag meals, but really learned that I shouldn't have even done that much. Which was frustrating. So for day 2, I didn't do anything, except direct and manage the process. Gotta be good on bed rest!

Sitting. Just directing. Promise.

On Saturday morning, my aunt and cousins came over to join in the cooking craziness. My aunt showed up with coffee in hand {bless her}, and we had a fun day together. Everyone worked so hard, and I was reminded of the blessing of having family that lives close.

My cute mama

Morning crew :)

We had lunch together, and then our morning shift headed out. My mom and I rested for a little bit {or really, she did, since I had already been resting haha}, and then our afternoon/evening shift showed up. My other aunt and cousin came over to help us finish up the meals.

Afternoon/Evening crew :)

When it was all said and done, we had made 13 different recipes that divided out to 70 meals for me and Mike. We have a freezer FULL of meals, ready to go for when babies come. So, so thankful for the resources to get these prepared and ready. So, so thankful for family who was willing to come and help get things prepared {and really willing to let me boss them around for a day}. So, so thankful that I was able to get this crossed off the list before babies come.

So now we just wait. Of course, we want babies to stay put a few more weeks. But my list is complete, and we are just waiting to meet our little ones! :)

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  1. Yay for the amazing Mama Mazur! I was going to ask you if you needed me to come cook your freezer meals this week while you told me what to do haha. Glad you guys were able to get it knocked out with family!