Sunday, September 18, 2016

Showering the Babies :: Dudes, Diapers, Guys, and Guns

This weekend, Mike got his very own "baby shower." Despite all the crazy baby adventures, we made sure he could still enjoy his celebration! He headed to the gun range with his guy friends and they grilled out at his parents' house. The entrance fee? A box of diapers for our babes :) 

Baby showers are generally female affairs, though my husband would have been a good sport for a couples shower {as he was for our wedding}. But there's something about getting together with his best guy friends that I know fills his tank. So when Ben came up with this fun and manly idea, I was so excited for Mike. Celebrating babies or not, I know this was a great opportunity for the guys to hang out. I'm so thankful to Ben for initiating and hosting this fun day for my love. 

Of course, I wasn't there, but I was able to steal a few photos from Mike.

I'm so glad that Mike had a day where he could be celebrated as a dad. He's going to be the best daddy to our babies, and I am so thankful for the guys who came out to celebrate and encourage him.

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