Monday, September 12, 2016

31 Weeks

How far along? 31 weeks
Days since transfer: 199 days
Total weight gain: +30.0
Maternity clothes? So what happens when you continually grow out of your maternity clothes?? I definitely raided Mike's closet for t-shirts this week. In my defense, I picked ones he hasn't worn in awhile so I wasn't completely stealing my hubby's clothes. Haha- it's going to be interesting in these last few weeks, for sure. 
Sleep: I experienced a little more insomnia this week. Not super fun, as I feel like my sleep cycle is starting to shift a bit, but I am thankful for the ability to take naps when I need them. 
Best moment of the week: Starting our Prepared Childbirth class {because it makes things SO. REAL}, and hearing our babies' heartbeats at my OB appointment. Also, sitting in church yesterday, singing some of the same songs we were singing a year ago...the tears that flowed then were of pain and loss {after our miscarriage}, but the tears that flowed yesterday were of joy and gratitude {as our babies danced in my tummy}. The words were true then and are true now; God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 
Cravings: Kale chips, especially when they're still a little warm out of the oven! I have been so surprised at how much kale I have eaten in recent months. I used to hate it, but LOVE it now! And Chick Fil A waffle fries...but I can't eat those. I made the mistake of eating a small one from Mike's order, and now I can't stop thinking about them. But that's probably not a pregnancy thing, but just a "I want what I can't have" thing  :)
Symptoms: More of the same...aches, swelling, general uncomfortableness. It's not unbearable {for which I am thankful}, but is definitely wearing me out and slowing me down. My belly is starting to feel HEAVY. And it's getting more difficult to get out of bed, squat, get in/out of the car, etc LOL. Good times.
Looking forward to: The hospital tour this week! My Type A brain is just excited to have a better idea of where we're going, what to expect, etc. We also have our last Level II ultrasound with our perinatologist this week. They have been wonderful but it will be nice to "graduate" from yet another specialist. This weekend, Mike gets his own "baby shower"- Dudes and Diapers, Guys and Guns! He's headed to the gun range with his guys friends, and then they're going to grill out. Entrance fee: a box of diapers for our babes. All very manly, but also a fun way to celebrate becoming a dad! 


Size of baby? About the size of a head of romaine lettuce or a coconut, a foam finger, or a small-clawed otter {minus the tail}  :)
Development: Babies are a little more flexible in the neck, allowing them to turn their heads with ease. They continue to pile on fat, and their immune systems are nearly ready. They are very close to their delivery length and shouldn't get much longer before birth. Babies have hair, eyebrows, finger and toenails, and limbs and organs all in the right places. Their brains are developing all the time, but the only further development that is important before birth is of their lungs.
Heartbeat: At 30 weeks + 2 days, Eli's heartbeat was in the 140's, and Maddie's heartbeat was in the 150's. Nice and strong :)
Movement: About the same...Eli moves all the time, and Maddie moves when she wants to. They definitely seem to be more active in the mornings and evenings, quieting down during the day. When they're moving inside, the waves on my belly are definitely more dramatic than they used to be, but obviously the babes are getting bigger and their space is more limited...
Current Position: I'll find out for sure this week at our last Level II ultrasound with the perinatologist. And I'm praying that they're both head down, because my OB will make the call on whether or not we have to schedule a c-section the next time I see her. Come on babies...move into the right position!
Fundal Height: 37  {translation: HUGE}  :)

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