Friday, September 9, 2016

In Expectation :: Maternity Photos

I didn't have to think twice before knowing who I wanted to do our maternity photos. I loved, loved, LOVED our wedding photos, and I just couldn't imagine anyone else capturing these special moments of waiting on our little ones to arrive. When I reached out to Jillian, she was excited to document this next milestone for us, and she suggested we do the session in our home.

I originally wanted to do the photos outside, but Jillian wisely suggested that an indoor location at the end of August in Texas might be a better option for a pregnant lady ;)  And it actually rained the day of our shoot, so I am SO glad we already had an indoor session planned. While I was worried that our house wouldn't have enough good lighting, I should have remembered that Jillian is AMAZING and can capture the best of moments. And the Lord was gracious to give us amazing light {and even capture a few photos outside} before the rain came. Our engagement photos that our dear friend Clint did in our first home in McKinney are so special to me, simply because they were done in our home. So I don't know why I ever doubted that our maternity photos would be just as special to me in our second home. 

And bonus: you get a sneak peak into the nursery! You're welcome :)

Forgive the long photo roll...I am just loving them all so much! These photos make me love my husband even more. And makes me THAT much more excited to meet our little ones :)

And because my husband makes everything so much more are some of the fun photos that make me smile :)

Matching bellies...except not quite haha

Using my tummy as a bongo :)

"Mike, hug mama and babies tight."

We're having 2 babies...ready or not!


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