Monday, September 5, 2016

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks
Days since transfer: 192 days
Total weight gain: +27.0
Maternity clothes? Yep. Do they make maternity shoes?? Because I don't have many pairs of shoes left that fit anymore...
Sleep: Sleep seems to be all over the place these days. It's harder to get comfortable, and I wake up after only a short time, completely refreshed, as if I just took a nap. I think babies are just starting to get me used to life when they arrive ;)
Best moment of the week: Celebrating with sweet co-workers at our last baby shower. So, SO thankful for all of the love and generosity poured out on our babies!
Cravings: Nope.
Symptoms: Hello swollen feet and ankles! I find myself having to put my feet up at varying times of the day to get some relief for my poor little feet, and I can no longer wear any of my closed-toe shoes. My body is definitely aching a bit more these days, as I am feeling more joint pain. Also, I have always been a cold-natured person...until now. Y'all, I am hot ALL THE TIME. I am convinced that my internal body temperature has risen. I rarely get cold anymore, even in air conditioning, and find myself shedding as many layers as possible. I sleep with a fan pointed directly on me, the whole night, with no covers/blankets. And am often still warm and uncomfortable. It's SO strange. 
Looking forward to: Starting our Prepared Childbirth class! It's just a 3-week class that we signed up for with the hospital, but I am looking forward to learning a little more about what to expect when these babes decide to make their debut. We already attended a breastfeeding class that was super helpful, so I am interested to see how this class goes.


Size of baby? About the size of a summer cantaloupe or butternut squash, a motorcycle helmet, or a platypus {minus the tail}  :)
Development: Babies' lanugo {fuzzy hair that has been keeping them warm} is beginning to fall off, because they're putting on enough fat to keep them warm now. They will gain 0.5 pound each every week from here until they arrive {yikes for mama!} Eyes are in place, but are still developing. Lungs are practicing breathing, and their brains are starting to control more of their movements {examples: moving their heads, grabbing their umbilical cords}.
Heartbeat: We will get to hear those precious sounds again at my OB appointment this week.
Movement: Eli still moves ALL the time, and his kicks are still fairly strong. Maddie doesn't seem to move quite as much, and she had me worried a little this week. She just seems to have a different schedule than her brother, and is definitely more relaxed {as far as movements go}. She's not much of a kicker, so I can't really count them for her. The other night, I kept trying to move to get her to move, but as soon as Mike put his hand on my belly {and prayed for movement}, she let us know she was there and fine. Already such a daddy's girl :)  And then I definitely woke up in the middle of the night to what must have been the twin olympics or battle royale, because they were BOTH going crazy! Definitely not comfortable, but exactly the comfort and reassurance I needed.
Current Position: I won't know for sure until our ultrasound next week, but I am pretty sure they are still both constantly flipping. The other night, I think I felt both of their tiny heads up near my rib cage, which means they were both breach. I am just so dumbfounded that they even have any room at this point. But I want there to be enough room for them to both get back into the right position!

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