Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{iPhone Rewind} :: April

We all gathered in the lobby to watch the "ringing of the bell" for our company's IPO Day. It was exciting to be a part of such a historic moment for our company!

I mentioned that we went to a gender reveal party for our sweet friends Becca and Drew. They made their reveal via balloons and cupcakes :) The picture above shows them getting ready to release the balloons while a flip photo book is being created {hence the backdrop and hi-tech lighting}...one of the benefits of having a photographer as a brother!

My brother came to hang out with us over the weekend, and it was fun having him around. We had a gift card to Saltgrass, so we splurged on a dinner out. We sent this photo to my parents saying that we wished they were with us! {sorry for the bad lighting}

We found ourselves at the vet again this month, this time for fleas and allergies. Poor baby girl had a double dose of itching. They're predicting a bad flea and allergy season, so North Texas pet owners beware! I have been on a slight rampage mission to rid our entire lot of fleas- mowing, laying granules, spraying insecticide, deep cleaning the house, bombing the house, washing everything, treating Sasha...the darn things don't stand a chance! :)

 Peabody {my car} hit 123,456 miles. Not sure why it's significant, other than the fact the numbers are sequential. I really love my little Mazda Tribute.

We went to a birthday party for one of Mike's friends from college; it was his 30th and we had a fun crawfish broil. They moved to Austin last summer, but thankfully will be moving back to the Dallas area this summer! Here the guys played a new game- Nine Square in the Air. It's kind of a mix between 4-square and volleyball.

We talked about Philippians 2 in our home group, specifically about "considering others better than yourselves." So my sweet husband decided to practice what he preaches and let me pick a girly movie for our evening home together.  :)

Our landlord sent over some landscapers to plant new bushes in our front yard, and I noticed the other day that one is blooming with some pretty pink flowers! I just hope they survive the Texas heat...whenever it decides to make its debut.

Administrative Professional's Day was this month, and our executives gave us a sweet and generous gift card to Watters Creek, a shopping center in Allen. Maybe a new spring outfit? ;)

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