Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY: Monogram Frame

For Laura's bridal shower gift, I decided to make them a monogram frame. I loved the wall hanging that Mike's sister had given us as a wedding present, so I thought Laura should have one of her own. It's just so fun to see your new last name and new last initial on everything ;)
Just a heads up, the mosaic tiles make the frame very heavy. So be sure to hang with good anchors in the wall, or display it someplace that it can lean against a wall or be placed in a frame stand.

- From Michael's: 11x14 frame, 1- 9inch "D", 2 packages of mosaic glass tiles, fabric flowers, paint
- From Craftcuts.com {LOVE this site!}: 4inch letters/numbers
- Other: 1 box lid, poster board
Tools: Foam brushes, mod podge, mosaic tile adhesive

Total Project Cost: $40 (I didn't have as much opportunity to shop for deals or use coupons this time, so this could actually be a less expensive project!)

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