Friday, April 5, 2013

High Five for Friday! I enjoy thee.  :)

{one} I am so thankful for the women that the Lord has brought into my life via Bible study. When we started meeting together to dig deeper into the Word, I was reminded of the excitement of learning God's Word for the first time {many of the women had not done such an in-depth study like this one before}. There have certainly been some challenges along the way, and I would be lying if I said I hadn't faced moments of discouragement {when no one comes prepared, when no one shows up...} But the Lord reminded me this week of the importance of being faithful and to encourage these women as we seek to be committed disciples of Jesus together. 

{two} The last couple of weeks at work have been C.R.A.Z.Y. Our company has been in the process of going public, so it was nice to finally reach IPO day! While things will certainly be different moving forward, I'm hoping things will settle just a little and go back to semi-normal :) It's exciting to be a part of a company that is growing and yet still committed to being a vital part of the communities in which it serves.

{three} Health-wise, I have been doing fairly well. I will have bouts of intestinal issues here and there but nothing like things were before. The Humira seems to be working well for me! I haven't had caffeine in over 4 while that has forced me to drink more water {which is better for me anyway}, I am also learning to enjoy decaf coffee and root beer :) I went back to my GI doctor last week and my B-12 levels came back normal, so I can reduce my injections to once a month {woohoo!}. I will be honest and say that I don't feel a significant difference in my energy level yet, but hopefully I will soon. Unless I have any complications, I don't have to see my GI again for 3 months. Praise Jesus for all of the answered prayer!

{four} And speaking of health...I just have to say praise Jesus for my sweet friend Julie being placed on the kidney transplant list. We have been praying for her for months, and she could potentially have a new kidney by the end of April. If you think of it, please continue to lift her up, as she will continue to do dialysis at home, and there are still numerous tests to be done before her transplant.

{five} I am SO ready for warmer weather. We have also had a lot of much-needed rain, but I am also ready for clear skies and sunny days. Hopefully this week will be the last of the cold weather and we can look forward to warmer temps from here on out! :)

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