Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Pre-Wedding Fun} Chapter 6: Practice Makes Perfect

We finally made it through the week and to rehearsal! It was such a fun time to finally have all of the key people together. We were so blessed to have sweet Diana from church run rehearsal for us- it was nice to not have to do that myself :)

Running through some details with Diana...

With my beautiful maid of honor :)

After running through the ceremony, we headed over to Woodcreek for rehearsal dinner. Mike's mom had gathered her crew of friends (who affectionately call themselves the "Yahweh Sisters"- love it!) to set up for the dinner, so we walked into a beautifully decorated Italian-themed room!

A fun rivalry exists in our new family, as we are mixing Spurs fans (go Spurs go!) and Mavericks fans (boo)- haha can you guess which side I'm on? ;) Anyway, my mom wanted to carry the friendly banter into the wedding festivities, and so an idea was born to create a Spurs/Mavericks cake that highlighted each team's championship wins. Mike's sister Lindsay is a super talented baker/cake decorator, so we enlisted her help to surprise Mike at rehearsal dinner.

The cake turned out AMAZING, and it was fun to incorporate our fun family rivalry.

Mavericks- 1 trophy

Spurs- 4 trophies :)

My brother is actually a Lakers fan (random, I one knows what happened to him, poor kid). But Lindsay was sweet enough to include his team in the fun as well!

Lakers- 16 trophies. blah.

Another fun surprise for rehearsal dinner was actually a gift for my dad. My dad had joked throughout the whole wedding planning process that he just wanted one thing- a dollar sign ice sculpture that he could display to represent all of his money "melting away." Please understand that my dad is one of the most generous people I know, and he was absolutely overjoyed to bless me and Mike with our wedding day celebration. My dad's beef is with the wedding industry and the crazy prices they charge for all things wedding-related. So he thought it would be funny.

I made a few phone calls and found a place in Dallas that was willing to help me with my dad's request. It was hard to find a reasonably priced ice sculpture this small (and even this one was 28" tall), but I found a vendor whose daughter had recently been married, so as a dad he thought the idea was hilarious and was willing to do the custom order.

It was fun to have our families and friends together, and we were able to enjoy a fun evening of laughter, catching up and reminiscing. After dinner, we had a time where people could share memories and words of encouragement. It was such a blessing to hear from our loved ones. As person after person got up to share their thoughts, I was overwhelmed by how unique and special this group of people truly is. I realized how the Lord has so graciously orchestrated our lives to be a part of the families that we are a part of and to have the group of friends and mentors that we do. And the fact that we got to have them all in the same room, loving us and supporting our new life together was incredibly humbling.

Catching up with sweet friends...

Me and my handsome brother

Great group of guys!

Sweet Lindsey...

After rehearsal dinner, we headed home, to our separate homes for the last time...

Mike: Hey- you wanna get married?
Erin: Yep.
Mike: Then let's get married. Let's do that tomorrow.
Erin: Good idea. Let's do that tomorrow.



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