Friday, September 9, 2011

{Our Wedding Story} Chapter 1: Bridesmaid Luncheon

And now the part of the story we've all been waiting for (or perhaps I have been waiting for): the {Our Wedding Story} portion of my super-detailed and forever-long blog marathon on all things wedding related :)

I was so excited on the day of our wedding that I woke up SUPER early. I woke up ready to get the festivities started when I realized how early it really was...

Twitter Update: 
Woke up ready to start the day at 3:30am...must be excited to marry @_mikemccullough ;)

Thankfully, I was able to go back to sleep, but when my alarm went off, I was ready for the day! Excitement probably isn't even the right word haha.

Laura and Nicki came to pick me up and drive me over to Mr. D's house, which is where we were able to spend the day getting ready. It was such a blessing to have a large and comfortable space near the wedding venue, and I am so grateful for Mr. and Mrs. D's generosity in allowing their home to be overtaken by girly wedding craziness :)

Happy Wedding Day!! (sorry for the makeup-less picture Laura!)

We loaded the car with all things wedding...sweet Nicki carefully guarded the precious cargo!

Part of the morning activities was the Bridesmaid Luncheon. Since we were going to spend the day getting ready anyway, I made it a pajama lunch :) It was a fun, relaxing way to start the day, and I was so grateful for the sweet friends that I got to celebrate with. All of the wonderfulness that encompassed the Bridesmaid Luncheon is due in whole to my mom and her 2 best friends. I have known Mrs. Colette and Mrs. Rosa pretty much my entire life. They are like second moms to me. I am not sure if they have names for themselves, but I have always thought of them as the 3 Amigas. When they are all together, there is no telling what will happen :) So when my mom told me that they wanted to organize and provide the Bridesmaid Luncheon for me and my bridesmaids, I knew the day would be full of love. And laughter...

My mom had asked me what kind of dessert I wanted to have, and since I knew there would be wedding cake in the near future, I said that something simple like M&M's would be perfect. I really love M&M's, and my mom and her 2 friends know it. And so the M&M bar was born...

We had every kind of M&M possible...and even "To- Go" containers for the whole day!

Best part? My mom and her friends dressed as M&M's to complete the theme  :)

There were MANY laughs about the personalities of each of the colored M&M's. There were MANY laughs about a lot of things that day.

In the midst of the excitement and the busyness, I was able to take a few moments to survey all the goodness that the Lord has provided. All of the love, the joy, the laughter, the friendships. These are incredibly good gifts from Him, and I was so blessed on my wedding day to experience so much love and encouragement.


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  1. No pictures of the amazing lunch? It was SOOOO yummy! :) I loved every bit of this day! From start to finish. Especially the M&Ms hehe