Thursday, September 1, 2011

Married Life, Day #48


Excitement doesn't even begin to describe how I felt when I opened up our mailbox and found that long-awaited package from our lovely photographer. There may or may not have been a happy dance. So you can guess how we spent our evening :)

Jillian, thank you SO MUCH for photographing our wedding. I absolutely LOVE the photos, and it was an absolute privilege to have you be a part of our special day.

So now it's finally time to share pictures and details from all the wedding fun!! Because I want to remember everything (and because I have had a number of requests to see lots of pictures), (and because I LOVE ALL of our pictures), I will be going on a blogging marathon to share details from start to finish. From the things before the wedding I couldn't (or didn't have time) to share, to the wedding itself, and finally our honeymoon, the next few several days will be all things wedding-related. So if you're tired of reading about wedding things, I apologize in advance. Sort of :) So stay tuned...



  1. Ahh!!!! I can't wait to see!!!!

  2. Erin! You are such a devoted blogger! I loved seeing how you incorporated all of the pictures into so many different posts to tell the journey of your wedding! How fun. I'm so glad you like the pictures! I had SO much fun at your wedding and will be blogging it myself pretty soon -- but it looks like you've beat me to it several times already :)