Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Our Wedding Story} Chapter 4: The Wedding Party

The Lord has blessed me and Mike with some incredible friends. We were even more blessed to have our closest friends stand next to and with us on our wedding day. Today's post is dedicated to them :)

The Guys
Instead of groomsmen, Mike had 6 Best Men. It's not that he couldn't choose. It's just that he thinks of them all as the 6 best men that he knows.

In addition to 6 Best Men, we had 6 awesome ushers :)

This is a good looking group of men :)

The Gals
I have already mentioned the incredible gifts of friendship I have been given in the beautiful ladies below. But it doesn't hurt to mention it again :) I couldn't imagine a better group of women to have stood beside me on my wedding day. The love and encouragement, the friendship, the accountability that is encompassed in these women...let's just say I am super blessed :)

In addition to the bridesmaids, I had the 2 most adorable flower girls ever- my new nieces Sarah and Elizabeth!

The Bride & Groom
Just some fun pics of me and Mike on our wedding day :)

The Guys & Gals

Best. Wedding. Party. Ever.


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