Friday, September 2, 2011

{Pre-Wedding Fun} Chapter 1: The Dress!

Welcome to the {Pre-Wedding Fun} portion of my super-detailed and forever-long blog marathon on all things wedding related! Chapter 1...    :)

The first thing on the list after we picked a date? Dress shopping! I was very lucky that I found my dress fairly quickly. The dress I picked wasn't the first one I tried on, and I did try on several more before landing on the one. But it's true what they say: when you've found the right one, you will compare all other dresses to it. I have to say that dress shopping was TONS of fun. I mean, what could be better than trying on big poofy princess dresses with your best friend? :)

Laura went with me to scout out the initial selections. I am so glad that I had her with me! Laura is one of the few people that can talk sense into my crazy brain and keep me focused. And since my mom couldn't be in Dallas until later in the month, it was good to have an outside opinion.

I knew I loved this was the one I went back to!

Once I was able to narrow down my options, I was able to do more serious shopping with my moms and Lindsay :)

Checking out the options...

So many dresses...I had everyone looking!

Not the one, but trying on wedding dresses was definitely FUN! :)

The dress I fell in love with happened to be from Alfred Angelo. Which worked out just swimmingly because the bridesmaids could get a slight discount on their dresses (every little bit helps, right?) The dress was satin with re-embroidered lace, crystal beading, and a semi-cathedral train. I decided to go slightly non-traditional by going with ivory/gold, rather than straight out white. And I'm so glad I did! I loved everything about my dress, and I felt absolutely gorgeous in it.

My sweet dress consultant Susie :)

Excited I found it!

My dress search crew- such a fun day! :)

I think every girl has a slight love-affair with her wedding dress...especially if it's that one you've always dreamed of, the one that makes you feel (and perhaps even look, at least for a day) like a princess.

So then people ask, "where are your bridal portraits?" Well, I was one of those strange brides that decided against them. Seriously, so many people were almost outraged at this decision. It was kind of funny to me how passionate people were about bridal portraits. So why no bridals? In my short career of event planning, I set up my fair share of wedding receptions. And it always felt odd to be putting up pictures of only the bride. I hardly ever knew what the groom looked like, and I just thought that was silly. Wasn't he getting married too?? Granted, his wedding outfit is usually not quite as elaborate as the bride's, but he gets dressed up and his picture deserves to be displayed too, right? Just my opinion haha.

Our fabulous photographer snapped a few "bridal" snapshots on the day of the wedding, so I still have pictures of me in my dress. And they are on my wedding day. With my wedding hair and makeup. And my "I just got married!" glow. And isn't that what you want to remember anyway? :)


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  1. So I will probably comment on every one of these posts, because I loved everything about your wedding... but I especially loved your dress! It definitely was the perfect dress for you and the one that added to your bridal glow ;) What great pictures of it!!