Sunday, September 11, 2011

{Our Wedding Story} Chapter 2: Getting Ready!

After the Bridesmaid Luncheon festivities, it was time to get down to the business of beautifying and getting ready for the wedding! :) For guys, that means showering and showing up on time to the right venue. For girls, that means hours of prep time and endless makeup, hairspray, flat irons, bobby pins, and curls...and when you have 6 bridesmaids, 2 mothers (+2 second-mothers), an aunt, a grandmother, and a sweet friend who graciously volunteered her hair styling services, it can make for a crazy day of girly fun!

At the House...
Sweet Becca Mercer was gracious enough to offer her hair styling services to the bridesmaids on the day of the wedding. She is so talented, and it was fun to have her with us to enjoy the day!

And of course my lovely aunt was on call to help me and my mom with our hair :)

And Lindsey was my personal makeup artist! She did such a fantastic job- I felt so beautiful!

While we were huddled in the bathroom laughing and enjoying the day, our sweet photographer slipped away to take some detail photos. I loved my shoes and earrings so much, that I would just be remiss if I didn't include the fabulous shot she took...

My fun shoes :)

Love. This. Shot.

And. Love. This.

The night before at rehearsal dinner, Mike's grandmother had given me an envelope. She had mailed it for the bridal shower, but for whatever reason it was returned to her. With the busyness of the evening, I had not had a chance to open it, and so while I was waiting to get my hair done, I was able to open it and steal away to read the sweet letter she had written to me. In it, she talked about the love she and her husband have experienced in their marriage and how when they were first married, he had sent her this Navy handkerchief:

She was now passing it on to me, since I was soon to join the McCullough family. It was such a sweet gift, one that I will forever cherish, since it is a precious family heirloom that she has shared with me. I felt so honored and loved!

My favorite part of enjoying the unforgettable day with all of these beautiful ladies? The smiles and the laughter. Lots of awesome memories :)

At the Venue...
Hair was done, makeup had settled, bridesmaids were dressed and ready. So when we arrived at Cityplace, I just had to get into my dress and walk down the aisle!

I have to say, that putting on a wedding dress is quite an ordeal. From stepping into the darn thing, to getting the laces just right, and adding the petticoat...haha. But I had an army of helpers to get me all tucked in and laced up ;)

Sweet Elizabeth wasn't too sure about putting on her flower girl dress. It took a little convincing, but once we told her (and she was able to inspect for herself) that her dress was a princess dress that matched mine, she was ready...

She didn't quite buy into the idea of shoes...

...but I don't know...I think she's just about the cutest flower girl you've ever seen ;)

So what was going on in the guys' room? It seemed a little less frenzied and just a fun time of hanging out. And waiting...

It only took one person to help Mike with his tie :)

He's such a stud. Just saying :)

Back in the female camp, the anticipation was rising. And I needed a break :)

As soon as I sat down, someone came in to give us a 5 minute countdown and my heart started racing. It was hard to breathe (probably because my bridesmaids had tied me pretty good into my dress haha), and I remember saying, "I'm ok. I just need a minute. I'm not going to run or anything." SO not the thing you say right before you're about to walk down the aisle LOL. The fact is that I wasn't going to run from my wedding, but the fact that I said the words out loud caused some brief moments of worry and a few questioning glances across the room. 

The day's events had finally caught up to me, and the excitement and anticipation overwhelmed me. I just wanted to see Mike and get married, but the idea of walking down that incredibly long aisle with all those eyes staring was more than I could handle in that moment, and I had to really focus hard to calm my nerves.

And then it was time...

Some last minute lip gloss... (thanks for holding the mirror Lindsey!)

...a hug from my dad...

...a few happy tears from mom... 

...and we were ready to roll :)

My heart raced all the way up the elevator (29 floors!) and through the agonizingly long minutes of the family and bridal party processional. At one point I think I told my dad that I was going to pee my pants. But it was ok because he told me that he was really hoping his fly wasn't down. Aww...those sweet moments alone with dad  :)

When the music changed, I'm pretty sure my heart stopped haha. But when my dad and I turned the corner, and I saw Mike waiting for me...

...all the nervousness instantly melted away, and my heart overflowed with joy. It took every ounce of control to keep myself from skipping down the aisle haha. I probably looked ridiculous- because I definitely 1/2 laughed, 1/2 happy cried all the way down the aisle. I want to forever remember that moment and how I felt walking toward my groom- the love and joy and the humble gratitude for the precious gift the Lord had given me.


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  1. This blog post made me so happy. :) I may have teared up a little at the pictures of me doing your make up. I definitely had wet eyes at the picture of you hugging your dad. And I resisted completely losing it as you told your side of walking down the aisle. I am SO SO SO blessed to have witnessed such a beautiful wedding. Loved reading and reliving the day with you.