Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Pre-Wedding Fun} Chapter 5: Mom Time :)

Instead of having our wedding in my home town (San Antonio), we decided to have it in Dallas. Mainly because most of our friends and Mike's family are here, and most of those who needed to travel would find that Dallas was a good hub. Plus, it was WAY easier for me to plan a wedding here, rather than traveling back and forth to SA. The drawback? That meant my mom was not with me 24/7 to plan the wedding. Which was hard. If you have a wonderful mother like I do, you just want her to be there when you're planning your wedding :)

My mom and I have always been close; like talk on the phone everyday (sometimes twice a day) close. So not having her with me every day to be a part of everything was hard at times. And I am sure it was hard for her too. Not because she is overbearing or wants to be in every detail of every little thing that I do. She was not that crazy mother of the bride haha. But instead because she just loves me and takes an interest in my life. She genuinely was just excited and wanted to be available for whatever I needed her for. And despite the distance and time constraints on both of our schedules, my mom still made the time to come up here to be a part of showers and wedding details. Those were incredibly special weekends, and I am so thankful that we were able to have them.

So when wedding week came, I was thankful that she and my dad came up early. It finally felt right- to have my parents here- and it made for a sweet week of memories with them.

My mom and I planned a time where we could sneak away from the craziness and have some time to ourselves. And naturally, that meant a girl day at the spa :) We had given my mom a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at the Woodhouse Day Spa, but when she found out that there was one here in Dallas, she saved it so that we could enjoy it together. Because my mom is awesome.

We didn't take many pictures, and in fact we only snapped these 2  (kinda bad) phone pics of our welcome mimosas...

For the record...my mom didn't actually drink that mimosa, it was just a fun "toast" for wedding fun ;)

...but we certainly enjoyed our time together! I am so thankful for my mom and the incredible woman of Jesus she is. She is my constant encourager and always keeps me grounded.

Isn't my mom just beautiful??

 I love you mom!


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  1. You are BOTH beautiful! Yay for Mama Mazur time :)