Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Pre-Wedding Fun} Chapter 3: Hair Trial in San Antonio

I was out of town yesterday, so I skipped posting. I learned that a sweet friend was continually refreshing her computer screen hoping she would see a new post, so just for her...I am posting twice today ;)

I briefly blogged about my Day at the Salon with my aunt for the wedding hair trial. But because I didn't want to reveal my wedding 'do just yet, I only posted a few pictures. Here are a few more from the day!

Lots and lots of curls...

My aunt is SO talented.

I'm not a big hair accessory person. Sure, I use ponytail holders and bobby pins with the best of them, but I haven't really joined the cute headband or hair flower band wagon....until my wedding day :) I knew I wasn't going to wear a ton of jewelry with my dress, so I debated about a hair accessory. I tried on a few bridal headpieces/clips, but just didn't like how any of them looked on me. While I was trying to find some pictures to take to my aunt for some inspiration, I kept picking styles that had hair flowers. So I decided to go with it...

Best part? This flower matched the ivory of my dress exactly and cost me a grand total of $1.10. I bought the flower at Hobby Lobby, the comb at Michaels...add a dab of hot glue and ta da! Instant hair accessory.

Surveying the handiwork...

With the lovely and talented Tia Lee :) 

It was a fun girly day at the salon, and I am so thankful for my sweet aunt and her willingness to be my personal hair stylist for the wedding. And P.S. I was SUPER excited about how my hair turned out during the practice run, but was even more THRILLED with how my hair turned out for the actual wedding day! More on that to come...


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  1. I wonder who you could be talking about??? I love love love all the fun pictures!