Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Details...

Everyone keeps asking how the wedding details are coming and if everything is done. Not everything is necessarily complete, but the big things are out of the's just the little things that are left. We're down to only 

Venue? Check. We will have the ceremony and reception at the same place, which I am really excited about. They take care of most of the decor and the catering, so that knocked out 2 of the big wedding to-do's. You can check out some pics here.

Ceremony Musicians? Check. Paradis Quartet with John K. Schertz

Dress? Check. That was the first thing off the list, but I picked it up a few weeks ago! :) 

Shoes/Veil/Accessories? Check. You can check out the shoes here.

Photography? Check. Jillian Zamora- oh my gosh, I am so excited about her! She is absolutely adorable, and I can't wait for her to photograph our wedding!

Cake? Check. Ginny Stewart Designs- friend connection :) (Mike's friend's mom)

DJ? Check. DJ Connection- random connection :) (Mike's friend, having her wedding before our 2nd reception on Saturday, so we connected her time with ours and booked him Friday and Saturday)
Floral? Check. I am doing most of the floral myself (ordering in bulk from Sam's), but Whole Foods Market will be doing my bouquet and the guys' boutonnieres.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Bridal Bouquet

Honeymoon? Check. I have to say that I am really looking forward to spending a week on the beach with my man :) After all the wedding planning and prep, a vacation is most definitely in order!

So what's left? Details for the ceremony (order, programs, songs, finalizing vows, etc.), final details for rehearsal dinner and the 2nd reception, getting our marriage license, etc. We're getting so close! :)


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  1. Yay! So exciting! I can't wait!