Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few Things for Friday

Sorry I have not provided any updates lately...I have been sick this week. Just a cold, but man, has it knocked me on my butt! Haha. Stupid cold.

Just a quick recap of the last week...

Moving Day Part 2
Saturday we moved my stuff out of storage and Mike's stuff out of Clint's house and moved it all into our new house in McKinney! It was such a fun day, as it just made us realize how close we are to the wedding and to literally living life together :) Here a few pics Mike took from the day...

Our awesome moving crew...and our new neighbor Landon :)

Laura trying to help me find things...of course, I couldn't remember where anything was...

Mike has already started the unpacking process, but we will be finding some time in the next few weeks to start making our little house into a home. This is definitely the fun part :)

Bridal Tea
Also on Saturday, Mike's mom's friends threw a Bridal Tea for me. It was so fun! It was such a blessing for these sweet ladies to bless us with a shower, despite the fact they had never met me. I am so grateful that Mike's mom has such a wonderful group of friends who love her, and love her enough to bless her children. It was definitely a reminder to me of how extensive and abundant God's blessings can be...

The Stonehouses
I have mentioned this sweet family before. Mike and I have been meeting with Scott and Nicole during our engagement for pre-marriage counseling. We meet with Scott and Nicole on the first Tuesday of every month, but we also get to see their precious kids each time.

Just A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

Really, that term "pre-marriage counseling" sounds way too formal and impersonal for our time with Scott and Nicole. They absolutely counsel us, and it just so happens to be during this pre-marriage time. But it has been more like hanging out with a way cooler, wiser couple. We glean from their wisdom as they share stories from their own marriage, and I can't express how thankful I am for this sweet couple. It has been such a blessing for me to get to know them, and I love the fact that we will continue our counseling with them even after the wedding.

And a quick look to what's ahead...

San Antonio!
This weekend I am heading to SA with my bro. I have my hair trial appointment for the wedding (my precious aunt is going to do my hair for the wedding), and we are also going to spend the weekend celebrating both Father's Day and my brother's birthday. I'm sad that Mike won't be able to join us (as he is headed to Mexico with the youth group), but I am looking forward to some sweet time with my family. I was thinking about it this morning, and I realized that this weekend will be the last weekend we will spend together as the original family of 4. Not a sad thing- just an observation. I won't make it to San Antonio again before the wedding, and the next time my parents and brother are here will be the week I become Mrs. McCullough and we become a family of 5 :)

I will be taking this highway down to SA today...

...and it just so happens to be the exact number of days left until we get married! Cheesy, I know. Get over it :)

Happy Friday!


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