Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Church Planter's Wife-to-Be

Over the past few months, I have been asking the Lord to show me what it looks like to be a godly wife. I understand that this will be a lifetime process (I tend to be a slow learner), but I also need to make sure that before the wedding my heart is teachable and filled with humility for my new role as a wife. My desire is to be a loving and encouraging wife, and I am clinging to the Word to aid me in that process. I have so many godly examples around me, which is so helpful and encouraging. And the Lord has also been faithful to place people in my life who have been praying and supporting me in the process of preparing for marriage. 

In addition to preparing to be a wife, I have also started praying through what it looks like to specifically be a church planter's wife. While we are going to spend some time adjusting to married life before we dive head first into church planting, we are still in prayer about the calling and plans the Lord has for us. We would covet your prayers in that process as well. If you're interested in following our journey, you can check that out here.

I have recently started following this blog. A friend sent the link to me, as he knows that we will be pursuing church planting. It is written by a church planter's wife, and it has already been such an encouraging resource. I am sure it will become even more valuable to me as I begin my own journey toward becoming a church planter's wife. I have enjoyed reading her blog already, and in the coming days, I look forward to gleaning some wisdom and new perspectives from someone who has walked this road.

I am still brand new to all of this (is there a step before "brand new"? because whatever that pre-step is, that's really where I am haha). I haven't even started my journey of being a wife yet, let alone a church planter's wife. One thing at a time...I truly believe that God's whispers to "wait" were an outpouring of grace to me so I would have some time to catch up with the transition...slow learner = slow processor :) There is certainly a lot of learning ahead, and I know how important it will be for me to stay rooted in Christ if I have any chance of figuring any of this out. 

As much as there is an unknown element to what's ahead, I am confident of what the Lord has called us to. I am told that this calling is something I will need to remind myself of when things get tough. I may not know specifics yet, but I do know that He will be faithful to equip us and will certainly teach us to lean on His grace and power. Even just beginning the process of organizing our new home and slowly meeting our new neighbors is a sweet encouragement to my heart; just being able to see glimpses of how the Lord is already laying a foundation for the work He wants to accomplish. It makes me excited for what He has planned for His kingdom in our little neighborhood in McKinney. How incredibly curious and humbling that He would want to use us in that plan :)


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  1. Small world -- I won a blog design from this blog! And she lives in Charlottesville, which is just two hours away from us. I don't keep up with the posts of this blog, but it has also reminded me of you. :)

    SO many of our friends here have church planted in LA, and it's fun hearing about their experiences! Glad you're looking forward to it.