Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad,

There are 26 days left until I get married- can you believe it?? :) I couldn't go this Father's Day without recognizing you- not only for being an amazing dad (that's a given), but also for how awesome you have been throughout this whole wedding process. I know that we didn't really give you much time to prepare for a wedding, but I am so thankful for how incredibly generous and wonderful you have been. There are not enough words or cards or gifts that can express how grateful I am for you. I am so blessed to have a dad who not only supports and blesses our marriage, but also desires to give his little girl the wedding she has dreamed of. I know that doesn't come without sacrifice, so thank you.

I know that it has been hard for you as a dad to face the fact that I am growing up and will be living life with another man. But I want you to know that I grew up with an amazing example of what to look for. From a young age, you taught me how boys are supposed to treat me- by living out the example yourself and taking me on daddy-daughter dates. To this day, I cannot pass by an Olive Garden or a TCBY without thinking back to our dates :) You showed me how a man should love and honor his wife by how you have loved and honored mom. You taught me the value of faithfulness, patience, and selfless love. You taught me never to settle and to wait on God's perfect timing.

Thank you for always being there for me. For showing up, asking questions, being involved. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me. For always telling me how proud you are of me. Thank you for your constant godly example. For making Christ the center of our home and for leading our family in a way that brings glory to our King. Thank you for always working hard to support and provide for us. For teaching us how to work as if working for the Lord. Thank you for your commitment to the Word. For teaching us the importance of spending daily time in the Word and applying it's teaching to our lives. Thank you for showing me the type of man I needed to date and marry. For loving and supporting us both as we move into this new stage in life. For accepting and loving Mike as your own.

I love you very much, and I hope you have a blessed Father's Day knowing how much you are loved!


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  1. I want to thank your dad, too. I can't tell you how much it means to know that the woman I love is loved by her daddy that way! Praise God for Rick Mazur!!