Friday, June 3, 2011


I feel like a broken record sometimes when I continually post that life is busy. I guess I could use a different adjective- active, engaged, bustling, occupied, full, humming, lively, hectic- but whatever your word of choice, I think we can all agree that I have a lot of stuff going on :)

With work, wedding planning, moving, 20s group, wedding showers, and preparing for marriage and life in McKinney, there is definitely no shortage of excitement. I am counting down the days (42 left!) until I get to marry the man I love and start our life together in McKinney. Mike moves into the house tomorrow, and everything is getting more exciting as we approach the wedding. It is definitely a fun time!

While my lack of patience excited anticipation makes me want things to hurry up and get here, I also want to recognize these next 42 days for the blessing they are. I want to drink in and enjoy every moment of the time the Lord has given me. After all, I am a single woman for only 42 more days! ;) Haha-I don't mean I want to "live it up" until the wedding. What I really mean is that I have started reflecting on my life and how incredibly blessed I have been. That blessing doesn't go away with marrying Mike- it only multiplies! But my life is changing on July 15th in more ways than one, and that transition is most definitely bittersweet.

When I reflect back over my life and how the Lord has grown me in the last few years, the main thing that comes to mind is the 20s group. Amidst the excitement and joy of getting married and moving to McKinney, there is also the reality of saying good-bye to this precious part of my life. We're only moving 25 minutes north, so we will still be able to maintain relationships with these sweet friends and mentors. But things will be different. Woodcreek has really become "home" for me, and to know that this chapter of my life is ending is bittersweet.

When I first moved to Dallas, I did the whole "church shopping" thing for a year. And it was miserable haha. I don't recommend it if you can avoid it. It was definitely a time of growth for me- the Lord taught me complete dependence on Him and just how critical it is to be in constant community with other believers. I got pretty good at walking into a room full of strangers :) It took me a year to find Woodcreek, but when I did, I knew I was home. This sweet church family has meant so much to me over the past few years. The first person I met when I walked in the door was Scott Winn, who is marrying me and Mike. The first person I met in the 20s group was Sami Lilley, who is one of my bridesmaids. And of course, Woodcreek is where I met that cute youth pastor I had my eyes on ;)

I have loved every minute of being a part of this church body. I have been so blessed with countless friendships with a group of people who have challenged and encouraged me to fall more in love with Jesus. I have had the privilege of serving in the 20s group as a leader, specifically with the singles group. I feel so humbled to have been a part of praying through the growth and changes of this group. They welcomed and loved me from day one, and I have been blessed with some sweet lifelong friends.

So it's hard to say good-bye. Again, it's not like I won't ever see these people again, but our time together will look different. I will soon no longer be a part of the singles group I love so dearly. I won't see these sweet friends every Sunday at church, every Monday at Bible study, or at any of the other events throughout the week like I have for the past couple of years. With the busyness of the past few months, I have somehow eluded the reality of this part of the transition. I have known it was coming, sure. But it hasn't been until the last couple of weeks that it has truly hit me that this part of my life is shifting. I think it's because the time is getting short and I am attending a lot of "lasts."

So now that I am bawling as I write this post because the reality is sinking in haha, I don't want to miss the point of why I even started this post. The point was not to make myself sad (though I have quite obviously managed to do that), but was to give all praise and honor to Jesus for all of it. The church body, the family He blessed me with, the encouragement, the sweet relationships, a place to serve, a place to grow. It all has been such a precious gift from the Lord, and I want to recognize it as such. I am so grateful for this sweet time in my life. So while I will cry as this chapter of my life ends, I will also rejoice in His good gifts and His perfect plan.


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