Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Dress! :)

I have had my wedding dress picked out and paid for for several months now. But while I have "had" my dress, I haven't really had my dress in my possession. I had to order the right size, wait for it to arrive, have alterations done....but yesterday I finally got to bring my dress home :)

Cell phone pic in bright light, but you get the idea ;)

It was fun and exciting when I picked it out and decided this was "the one." It was fun when it finally arrived in the store and I got to try it on in my size. But it was SUPER fun to try it on after all the alterations were done and I got to walk out of the store with it. Maybe that's silly. But it just adds to the fun of everything and makes me just that much more excited to wear it on my wedding day :)