Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of Those Days...

Have you ever had a day where you just desperately need to go back to bed and start over? Where you just can't seem to get it together? The kind of day where you...

...don't sleep well the night before
...wake up late and miss your quiet time
...you are so tired that you can't put your contacts in
...are a jerk and pick a fight with your mom on the way to work
...which makes you late for work
...have angry emails from clients waiting for you at the office
...are stuck with "are you sick?" questions because you're wearing your glasses because you couldn't put your contacts in that morning
...realize your shirt is on backwards
...go to the dentist and find out you need to have a cavity filled
...your mouth is numb so you can't drink anything without drooling out of the side of your mouth
...all before noon???

Have you ever had one of those kind of days?? I so wish I was kidding about the above list...we've all had days like that, right? (Even if you haven't, please just say that you have to make me feel better haha). Even looking at the list, I can't help but laugh. Maybe at this point I have to laugh or I'll cry. Again. ;)

But isn't it just like our God to take one of those kinds of days and redeem it? Maybe not even fix everything, but just remind me that He's there, His mercies are new, His grace is sufficient, His burden is light. Where He...

...provides supernatural energy to make it through the day
...whispers verses of encouragement to your heart
...reminds you just how insignificant you are, but how incredible He is
...prompts your mom's heart to show love and grace despite how awful you were to her
...places people throughout your day to make you smile
...humbles your sinful heart before His throne and draws you into His loving and merciful arms
...gives you the opportunity to laugh at yourself
...reminds you of how His mercies are new every day...even half way through the day?


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