Friday, April 22, 2011

Mike and Erin in McKinney!

Back in March I mentioned that after we got married, Mike and I would be moving to McKinney with the hope of planting a church. Through a lot of prayer and some guidance from mentors, we have decided that while that is still the plan, we are going to spend a little time getting adjusted to married life before we jump right into the church plant. Taking some time to learn more about each other and just adjust to life together will make the transition a little smoother.

The plan is still to move to McKinney and begin now to learn the community and develop relationships for when the Lord does give us the green light to start the church planting process. But in the meantime, we would still covet your prayers, as we are still seeking the Lord and the details for how He wants to use us. We have been working on a blog, and I am excited to announce that it is finally ready- and we already have a couple of posts!

I will still be posting here as well, at least for now. But if you are interested in following us as we start our journey of life and ministry together in McKinney, come check out our new blog :)


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