Friday, April 22, 2011

It is Finished

This past week I was in Austin for a work meeting. The trip went well, but as work meetings usually go, I was exhausted by the end of it. All I could think about was getting home. I was overwhelmed by all that I had to get done and the long days I still have ahead with moving. But I had a unique blessing yesterday and was given a sweet reminder by a stranger.

On my cab ride back to the airport, I had the opportunity to talk with the driver, John. John was certainly a character- he had all kinds of funny things to say about everything (government, women, abortion, the military, homosexuality, etc.) At first, I'll be honest, I was a little nervous that he wasn't completely in his right mind, and so I started praying for an opportunity to show Jesus to him as best I could. As I began to pray, the conversation shifted to Christ (such a quick answer to prayer!). He started talking about Good Friday and Easter and the cross and resurrection. When I asked him how he knew so much about Jesus, he started sharing the gospel with me :) Once we established that we were both followers of Christ, it was such a sweet conversation- like reuniting with an old friend, or meeting someone for the first time that you have an instant connection with. And John and I did have an instant connection- the cross and the relationship we both share because of Christ's work on the cross. I was so encouraged and challenged by John's boldness and willingness to share the gospel. It was certainly humbling, as he seemed to have no fear in that, while I all too often sit in silence on my cab rides or make general small talk instead of taking the opportunity to share my faith.

One of the things that John said has stuck with me today and has been a sweet reminder of the gravity and the power of Good Friday. He told me, "Miss, do you wanna know what the best verse in the whole Bible is? I'll tell ya- it's that one out of John 19:30- 'It is finished.' It's a short one, but it's a good one. Yep- Jesus said that. Yes, ma'am, He said that while He died on the cross for my sins, while He died on the cross for your sins. He said 'It is finished' and you know what Miss? That is just about the best thing I have ever heard."

John's right. "It is Finished" is such good news for us. The power of the cross and the atoning sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf is such an incredible gift. And it's final. I have been washed as white as snow. The good news we are able to experience every day as believers is that our sin has been paid by the blood of Christ and we can be in relationship with our Creator for eternity. And that is the best news I have ever heard.


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  1. Mathis had this cab experience in Washington DC!