Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun Wedding Things :)

Slowly, one by one, things are getting crossed off the wedding To Do list. There is still a lot to do, but it's nice to see my list start to shrink (even if it is just a little!)

This weekend, Mike and I went to register. I just have to say- while the process was a little overwhelming (you have X amount of time to register for X amount of things), it was definitely lots of fun :) Not going to lie, it was fun to go "shopping" and walk out of the store without having spent any money. But more than that, it was fun to go shopping with Mike and pick things out together.

Tonight we are going to meet with a friend's mom about cakes. I don't have a specific design in mind and am really wanting something pretty simple. So it will be nice to meet with her and discuss options and get a little more direction on that. I did see these pictures and really liked them. I would use white gerbera daisies and maybe a teal ribbon.

My dress has arrived! I am going this week for my first dress fitting, and I am so excited! As my sweet MOH said, I am going to "visit" my dress this week haha. It will just be nice to try it on in my size. Also, my shoes arrived in the mail just in time for the fitting and I think they're kind of fun :) Completely girly but I love them!

We have also booked our honeymoon! I am definitely looking forward to spending a week here:

I am finishing up the invitations (because yes, I was crazy and decided to make them myself), working on designing the floral (another thing I am going to attempt to do myself), finalizing rehearsal dinner plans, and beginning to work on reception details. It's a lot. But I am enjoying every part of it. I want to remember this sweet and fun time, because what could be a sweeter memory than planning a fun party for you and the love of your life? ;)


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