Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paid Off :)

Ok- this is a random post, and I am probably the only one who cares enough to write about it. But I just have to share in my excitement and praise God for His provision. Today I sent my LAST payment for my hospital bills!! I kind of feel like doing a little happy dance (and still may at some point today hehe)  :)

If you'll recall, I had to go to the ER after returning from Nicaragua last summer. Those unexpected hospital bills were quite a blow, and I have been patiently awaiting the day to finally pay them off. And today is that day! :) There was definitely a sense of relief when I clicked the "submit" button for the last payment. God has been such a gracious provider, from providing good insurance (which ultimately lowered the amount due) and allowing me to be on a payment plan without paying interest, to working out my finances the last few months in order to pay that amount down. That is no small thing from the Lord, and I am so grateful!


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