Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Update

A question I will hear countless times in the coming months will be "how's the wedding planning coming?" My answer? It's coming... haha.It's funny because I have a website that is constantly reminding me of how far behind I am and just how much I still have to do:

I know such websites and checklists are just meant to be helpful, but it makes me think back to my event planning days and how stressed out brides would get. It's funny what happens to a girl when she becomes a bride...as Mike commented the other day (obviously not referring to me but to other girls haha)- "girls get weird about weddings." I have witnessed more than my fair share of meltdowns over colors, floral choices, and centerpieces.

Don't get me wrong- there is a lot to do. That's why I got paid to plan events haha. And we all have a tendency to become crazy a little emotional about details for the Big Day. But I am committing to my family and friends (and the blog world) that I won't be one of those brides. I don't want to "get weird" about this process. I want to enjoy every moment of it. So help keep my accountable to that ;) And let's be honest- I love the details; my little planner brain is in overdrive :) It's fun that I get to plan my own wedding now, and it will all get done in the right timing.

So what has been done so far? If you care about the details as much as I do, please read on. If not, thanks for stopping by and remember to keep us in your prayers! :)

For those of you who are still reading- what we have so far...well, as someone pointed out recently, I have a groom and a ring- essentials, really lol...

We have a date and a venue (which provides the catering)...

We have a wedding party. I know, more or less, the wedding colors (teal and ivory).

How I asked my bridesmaids...

This is what happens when I have a whole day indoors with no work to do. And yes- they're all this gorgeous. Pics of the groomsmen best men may or may not be forthcoming. Though I think they need their own bobblehead pic too...

I bought my dress.

You didn't actually think I would post it did you? Look at our moms- aren't they cute? :)

We're working on the guest list, talking with varying people regarding photography, cakes, flowers, rehearsal dinner, and second reception details (yep- we're partying twice). So like I said...it's coming :)


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