Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Turned Snow Day #4

Yep- the unimaginable has happened- I have officially had almost the entire week off of work :) Well, maybe not off work, but the office has been closed. But today we got a bonus- SNOW!

Not as much as last year, but still enougth to sink in when you walk

Sasha loves the snow too...

So we don't have snow boots in Texas- just rain boots :)

Sasha was ready to head back inside- too cold for this Texas puppy!

San Antonio got a snow day too- which hasn't happened in 26 years (the last time it snowed in SA was when I was born!). My mom sent me this photo- you northerners will find it amusing :)

Now I know how people up north feel about us in Dallas! :) Haha- it's just funny. Is it ridiculous that our entire city shut down for 4 days because of the ice and freezing temperatures when people up north deal with this on a consistent basis? Yes. Is it silly that we get so excited about just a few inches of snow when others get several feet of snow? Perhaps. But let me just remind our northern friends who continue to poke fun at the Texans...your turn will come in the summer when you reach a high of 85 and you feel like you are going to melt because it's so hot. It's all fair game when you're not used to one extreme or the other ;)

Laura sent me this video that made me laugh...enjoy the humor and just let us enjoy our snow day :)



  1. My friend Susie and I were discussing that our rain boots were the best investment of 2010... and this week I have definitely gotten my money worth! :)

  2. We may get hot in 85 degree weather, but at least we don't shut down for a week over it or flood facebook with our endless complaints. ;)