Friday, February 12, 2010

Texas Snow Day!!!

Yesterday we had a record snow fall here in Dallas! The forecasters predicted 1-2 inches, but when it was all said and done, we received 12.5 inches!! It was so hard for everyone to stay focused at work yesterday, because all we wanted to do was sit and watch the snow fall. It was so beautiful. How cool is our God to think of snow?!? Frozen water flakes falling from the sky to blanket the ground with soft, crunchy snow. Brilliant, beautiful, awesome!

The trees are blanketed with snow!

Apartment complex is snow/iced over.

So much snow- I sunk a foot when I tried to walk through it!

The golf course next to my beautiful!

Isn't it pretty?? :)

Last night, Lindsey came over and we spent the evening running around in the snow- complete with snow ball fight and snowman building- so fun!

Sasha LOVES the snow! I don't think she has quite figured it out yet, but she is absolutely fascinated by it. She bounds around in it like a little bunny and acts as if it's the greatest thing ever. She is probably not the greatest fan of the snowballs that melt in her mouth, but she will still try to jump up and catch them or chase after them. As much as she has enjoyed the snow, I don't think she (or I, for that matter) could endure it for any length of time. But it's a fun treat once a year :)

Sasha likes to eat the snow...

Luckily, our office finally made the call to close today, so it's nice that I don't have to go out in it. So right now, I am sitting here, enjoying some precious time in the Word, drinking my coffee, enjoying the beautiful white scenery outside my window. It's already starting to melt, but we'll be able to enjoy it for at least a couple of days...and I'll even get to share it with my parents who are on their way here :)


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  1. I love our wittle snow friend.... He was so great. We should name him.