Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blessings Rain Down

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday weekend! Saturday night we had another singles night, and it is always fun to hang out with these sweet friends! I stayed late enough to enjoy birthday singing at midnight :) Sunday was a great morning in worship; we're talking about spiritual disciplines and this week was about surrender. I have a number of things I am praying through regarding that, which I may post about in the future...

I then got to go out to lunch with 20 of my closest friends at On the Border- complete with embarassing restaurant birthday songs. I spent the evening with Laura, which was so great since we have both been so busy lately. My crazy family was getting together for the Super Bowl down in San Antonio, so I got a 10-person birthday serenade right before kick-off. Haha. So fun! The birthday fun continued yesterday at work with co-workers and then I received a yummy cake and cute balloon from my sweet friend Lindsey at girls' Bible study last night. It was a really great weekend, and a wonderful birthday!

On top of all the sweet birthday blessings, God has rained down other random blessings in the past couple of days. Yesterday, I had my last opthamology appointment and was completely cleared for my optic nerves. He gave me the ok, diagnosing me with "weird eyes." LOL. I also received a complete refund on the tire I bought this weekend; I was reminded about the road hazard certificiates that I had from Discount Tire, so I was able to get all of my money back! Definitely a blessing! This morning, I walked off the elevator and was handed coffee and a muffin- nice perk, huh? It's all about the little things :) The hotel in our office park was offering complimentary coffee and muffins to the tenants in our building, and it was just a fun way to start the morning. And as if that wasn't enough, God answered prayers, and I learned today that I was approved for a raise. God has been so generous to me- the blessings have just rained down. My heart is overwhelmed right now with all that He has done and really, just continues to do. But it's not even that He has given me "things" recently. It's more the blessing of being able to physically see His love, care, and hand in my life. He is the God who gives and takes away, and I praise Him for all He is and all He chooses to do in our lives.



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  2. Beautiful. Truly made my heart smile. Thank you.

    P.S> sorry about the deleted comment, it was full of typos...oops.