Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unplanned Fun

Today I got to spend the day with my brother, which is always a blessing. It's so great to have him here in Dallas! And since my parents won't be here until next weekend, it was nice to have family to celebrate with for my birthday. It was definitely an interesting day...

We both LOVE sushi, so we decided to try a new place. Being the great big city that it is, we figured we would have our pick of choices. Boy, were we wrong. Apparently, there are no sushi places open for lunch on the weekends. Is that not bizarre to you? You just can't get sushi for lunch on the weekends in the Big D. Even Waco has a place. I literally called 6 different sushi restaurants/bars, and not one of them opened earlier than 4pm. So weird. So our grand food tasting adventure came to a screeching halt. We were both so hungry (but still really wanting some sushi) so we ended up at Central Market to satisfy our craving. Haha. Not quite the grand adventure we envisioned, but it was still good :)

(Not really sure what's going on with my hair- it has decided it wants to stand on end. Sigh.)

Let me take a few steps back...rewind to before we went to lunch. We went all the way out to a sushi restaurant before we realized they were not open. So I had my brother just meet me at my apartment. I didn't want to bother Sasha, so I just parked in the parking lot to wait for him. When he pulled in, I pulled out of my space and realized that my car was driving weird and sounded strange. My brother came over and asked why the heck I was driving on a flat tire. I have no idea what happened, but apparently while I was sitting in my car (minding my own business) the air was quickly escaping from my tire.

When we got back from lunch, my sweet, strong, and handy brother (yes, ladies- he's single! haha)  helped me did all the work to put on the spare. And I sat and watched him from inside the car because it is freezing outside :) He made sure I knew that it was only because it's my birthday that he let me get away with that LOL. I am better at supervising anyway :)

He followed me to Discount Tire, but unfortunately they were unable to repair it because it was a fairly large hole on the side of the tire. So I got to buy myself an early birthday present...isn't that fun? Haha- oh well. I am just SO grateful that it went flat at my apartment and not while I was driving. And I am glad I have a great brother who is here to help when I need him. While the day didn't turn out exactly how we had planned, I had so much fun just laughing and being crazy with him. Definitely a fun (and interesting) day!



  1. So sorry to hear about your flat! No FUN at all!!! SO glad your brother was there to help!

    Next time you're craving sushi, try Ra Sushi. I know they have a location in Plano. I've ate at Ra in Houston and San Diego, and they're sushi is THE BEST!!!!!! Seriously sooooo good, and a really fun atmosphere. I checked, and they're even open for lunch on the weekends!

  2. OMG, if its sushi you want... you should really consider moving to Chicago, because sushi is like on every corner. It's almost as everywhere as pizza places. Almost.