Thursday, December 31, 2009

Walk With Me Through 2009....

I cannot believe that today is the last day of 2009...and more than that, the end of a decade! I remember the hype about Y2K, and here we are 10 years later! I know a lot of people say this, but for me this year really flew by so fast. I think it’s partly because so much happened!

In January, I continued my search for a job. While many days were difficult and I often felt discouraged and defeated, I got to spend sweet time seeking what God would have for me. In a slight distraction from my job search, I learned that my optic nerves were swollen and then commenced to undergo countless tests and see numerous doctors and specialists. It was such a scary time of the unknown, but a peaceful time of resting in God’s power and grace. Thankfully, the tests came back clear; apparently, I was just born with swollen optic nerves :)

I celebrated my 24th birthday and started my temp job in February. I spent most of this month scanning insurance claims- haha. Little did I know what God was going to begin changing in my heart and how He was already preparing me for something I had never even considered…We also started hosting events as an official singles group with the 20s at my church. Thinking back to those first few events makes me smile as I consider how awkward it was at first :)

In March, I was the Event Coordinator for my friend Austen’s wedding, and I got to see my sweet friend Nicki, who came to visit us in Dallas! I also said good-bye to my old blog and started this new one :) March is also the month that I started to actually surrender everything over to the Lord. Despite all that I had walked through in previous months, I finally started to understand that all of it was for His purposes and His glory.

I faced more health problems and was diagnosed with migraines in April. While I am not excited about migraines, I was excited that that was all it was, given my health scares in January. I praise God that I have a mild case and experience them very rarely. For me, April was a big month because I was finally able to say that I was employed! My long-awaited job hunt was over, and I started my new job as a Client Manager for an insurance broker, and I began my journey of learning property and casualty insurance. I got my P&C license, moved into my new apartment, and deepened relationships on the women’s retreat at my church.

In May and June, I continued getting settled into both my job and my apartment. My first year as a Discussion Leader with BSF came to a close, and I looked forward to the summer ahead! I tried my hand at real cooking and enjoyed Sunday Night Dinners with my brother and his roommate. We celebrated my brother’s 22nd birthday, Sasha’s 2nd birthday, and father’s day. I also started my studies toward earning my CISR designation.

My parents came to visit for the 4th of July, and I got to go on my own travels! I spent a few days in Seattle with my dear friend April before heading to Victoria, BC for a business meeting. Not a bad place to have a meeting :) And it was in July that God began to overwhelm my heart with His joy and presence...

In August, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. And my brother and I secretly plotted and successfully pulled off a surprise party for them!

In September, a new man entered my life- I started sponsoring sweet little Yusuf from India. It has been such a blessing to sponsor Him. I received a lot of sad news about my extended family, and God really placed them on my heart, giving me a new perspective on their need for Him. I also attended the Hartford New Producer’s school with the new kid at work. I didn’t have the best attitude about attending (mainly because me and sales are like oil and water). But I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to attend, because I actually learned a lot!

I finished sales school in October, earning my CLCS designation. My first set of letters for after my name! It was just in time to celebrate my 6-month anniversary in my new position. October was also a very reflective month for me. I spent a lot of time looking back at all that God had done in the past year, and I was truly able to see all that work that He had done in my heart. There was a lot He had to do (and still has to do), and I got to see a brief glimpse of the transformation.

In November, God continued to mold and break my heart, really speaking to me at the Fusion conference I attended with my 20s group. He started speaking to my heart, and I am currently working through a lot of things that He first whispered to me in November. My brother and I traveled down to San Antonio to attend the 50th Anniversary Gala for BSF. Then my parents traveled up to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with us here.

And now it’s December. Whew! This month has been full of Christmas celebrations, parties, family, and friends! I stepped into leadership with my 20s group, and I am excited to start the new year serving in this role. Tonight I will be going to dinner with Laura, then heading over to a new year’s party with my 20s group. I can't think of a better way to end this year :)

I praise God for such an amazing year! It was a year of transition and transformation, a year of building new relationships and deepening old ones, a year of answered and refocused prayers...I feel as though this year was really a year of growth. Definitely a beautiful journey closer to the heart of God (praise God!) My relationship with Him has changed in more ways than one- all for the better. How good and patient is our God to continue shaping my heart for Him!

Thank you, Lord, for 2009…I look forward to 2010 with You!


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  1. Yay 2009! Praising God for all He has done in your life and is continuing to do! I am so blessed to have you in my life!!