Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flashback Fun

Ok. This picture totally made my day! They must be going through old pictures at BSF, because this is me, my brother, and my mom volunteering in the press.

You may have to click on it to get the full effect of the picture. I laughed SO hard when my dad sent this to me.

Why this picture is so funny:

  • Ummm...we all look so crazy confused. My mom looks downright scared haha.
  • I am totally rocking the bangs...you may not be able to see it, but I am wearing a clip on the top of my head because this was when I was growing out part of my bangs so they weren't so thick. So yes...they used to be worse than even this!
  • My brother's cast and shoes match his shirt.
  • My brother is totally rocking the comb-over :)
Why this picture is so fun:
  • Look how young we all look!
  • We had some really fun times working in the press...I miss it!
  • I have some sweet memories of the people we worked with in the press- both staff members and volunteers from around the world!
I miss going to volunteer at BSF and then go have lunch with my dad...this picture brought back some fun memories and definitely made me SMILE :)